They don’t make movie stars like Julia Roberts anymore. That’s a fact I’ve known for a while, but it was confirmed to me when reviewing her decades-long career in honor of her 55th birthday … which is today!

It makes me sad (as well as feel mega, mega old) to say this, but for those of you too young to remember—or not alive yet—the A-list actress first made her mark in 1988’s Mystic Pizza. The following year she won a Golden Globe for the tearjerker Steel Magnolias, and then racked up another Globe win in 1990 for what many still consider her most memorable performance as Vivian Ward, the “hooker with a heart of gold” in the rom-com Pretty Woman opposite Richard Gere.

Roberts then proceeded to own the ‘90s and ‘00s, cranking out hit after hit after hit across genres. I just attempted to cover several of them in one sentence but it became the ultimate run-on, so I’m going to do this bulletpoint style!

Julia’s most popular movies have included:

The fact that she has 30+ more movies besides the ones I’ve mentioned already just goes to show what a Hollywood powerhouse she is. In the past five years she’s been winning on the small screen as well, including a lead role in the Amazon series Homecoming, as well as the main role in the 2022 Starz series Gaslit

Currently she can be found in theaters alongside her Ocean’s Eleven, Ocean’s Twelve and Money Monster co-star George Clooney in Ticket to Paradise (put it on your Redbox Wish List now!), in which the two play a divorced couple who put aside their difference to stop their daughter from getting married.

In the near future, she’ll appear opposite Ethan Hawke, Mahershala Ali, Kevin Bacon and Myha’la Herrold in the adaptation of Rumaan Alam’s bestselling 2020 thriller “Leave the World Behind,” which totally freaked me out. So I can’t WAIT for that one.

In the meantime, I’ll be toasting to Julia’s 55th and wishing her several more decades of moviemaking success!

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