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All About Back to the Movies

We all love Movie Night, but binge-watching and distractions are on the rise. Let’s turn Movie Night back into a meaningful event.

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See how people across America are saying no to distractions and YES to movie night! #BACKTOTHEMOVIES

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Your Brain
on Binge-Watching

Science is talking, and we’re listening. It’s time to stop being a hypnotized, binge-watching couch potato and start enjoying your movies to their fullest.

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Game Night Meets Movie Night with Ready Player One Bingo

What goes great with a futuristic sci-fi movie set in 2045? A game that’s been around for centuries!

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5 Things to Do Instead of Binge-Watching

Time is precious, right? So don't waste it spacing out watching episode after episode. Here's how to have more fun and be productive.

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Girls’ Night in with Ocean’s 8

Sometimes a movie comes along that just screams “Girls’ night!” Fifty Shades of Grey, Magic Mike, Bridesmaids, Book Club … and now Ocean’s 8.

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About Back to the Movies

Back to the Movies is Redbox’s new movement to reignite a nationwide love of Movie Nights in the age of binge-watching.

Recent Redbox research found that one-third of Americans admit they now spend less time with other people and more time alone binge-watching. We're dedicated to bringing the magic back, rallying people far and wide to create meaningful movie experiences and watch what they love, not just what's next.

Redbox believes in turning off phones, putting away laptops and picking out your favorite movie. By going Back to the Movies we can make our lives more meaningful and create memories that last.


Your Brain on Binge-Watching

When your binge-watching finally ends, do you know that there’s a likelihood you’ll feel down? And did you also know that watching a movie with friends or family is therapeutic? That it’s actually scientifically a thing your brain does during a really good Movie Night? After watching this video, you’ll never look at Movie Night the same way again!


Can You Beat the No-Phone Challenge?

Half of all binge-watchers say they ignore texts and calls when they’re watching. But that means half of people actually answer them! Text sounds and flashing lights interrupt your concentration. And pausing the movie to answer your call will ruin the mood altogether. Next time you and your friends have a Movie Night, try the No-Phone Challenge. It just might save your night!


5 Things to Do Instead of Binge-Watching

One out of three Americans have a hard time sleeping after a long binge-watching session, so maybe it’s time we asked ourselves if we could be utilizing our time better. Our time is precious, but we can avoid the zombification of binge-watching episode after episode. Here’s all the things you could be doing in the time of a binge-watching session to leave you more curious, active, and fulfilled.


Are You the Worst Movie Watcher?

Does your text chime go off every five seconds during Movie Night? Does that eerie blue phone glow keep flashing in the dark when everyone’s trying to stay wrapped up in the story? Make sure you’re being your best self during your friend’s Movie Night! No one wants their movie’s spell to be broken by the whooshing sound of a email you just sent. Here’s what NOT to do during a Movie Night.