The heartthrob, Sebastian Stan is turning 40 today and tbh, he gets better with age (both in the looks and acting departments). It’s crazy to see a kid that moved to the US when he was 12 following wild and crazy dreams that have led him to an acting career that is as iconic as the characters that he plays.

So to celebrate this milestone year for Stan, here’s a list of six of his best performances that are worth all the awards and praise in my book!

Bucky Barnes in Avengers: Endgame, Avengers: Infinity War, Captain America: Civil War , Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Captain America: The First Avenger
OH, you know that Bucky was going to be number one (seriously, there wasn’t even a second thought about it). James Buchanan Barnes aka Bucky aka Winter Soldier aka Cap’s best friend is as loyal as they come. I don’t think that there’s anyone in the world that could take on this character the way that Sebastian Stan did. This is probably Seb’s most iconic role and the guy truly knows how to say a lot without saying anything at all. 

Nick Fowler in The 355
The boss man himself. This role definitely ranks number two in my Sebastian Stan character bests. Nick lies somewhere between chaotic, talented, and heartless. I think what makes this role a top character for me is because he says what he means and never holds back. And tbh, I internally cheered every time that Sebastian came on screen throughout this entire movie because I knew there was some unmatched action to follow.

Jeff in I, Tonya
Playing the ex-husband in this biographical film, Sebastian transforms from what we know as a hero solving problems into a character that is finding ways to create them. Maybe it’s the mustache or the way that his behavior is ridiculously unpredictable here, but this is a top six role in my book. The way that Stan plays the role of Jeff Gillooly should have won him an Oscar because he is at his absolute best when he’s playing the worst.

Frank in Endings, Beginnings
It maaaaay not be the movie that comes to mind when you think of Sebastian, but for me, it was a memorable one! This role was everything I hoped for and more. Frank is a free-spirited bad boy with an always ready for adventure personality. The best part of Seb playing the role of Frank is knowing that most of the film was improvised and you can really get to know who Stan is as an actor.

Charles Blackwood in We Have Always Lived in the Castle
There’s something about Charles’ presence in this movie that makes him utterly mysterious and wanting me to read him like a book. Sebastian’s combination of charm and being the dream guy along with a ruthless and demanding aura literally swallows you into this movie instantly. If you’re looking for a chilling thriller, then this is exactly what you are looking for. And a side note, the way that Sebastian Stan can pull off the 60s wardrobe is seriously unmatched. 

Chris in Destroyer
Sebastian only appears when Nicole Kidman’s character gets some flashbacks, but tbh, these flashbacks were the best part. Stan’s FBI Agent role not only is underrated throughout the film, but is underrated in his acting career as well! Knowing that the script didn’t give much insight into the character which gave Sebastian the ability to build a whole backstory his own truly shows the range the man has when it comes to acting.  

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