This ain’t your grandparents’ horror genre anymore. Over the past several years there’s been a trend of respected actors and actresses starring in what used to be the realm of B to D-list performers.

Look no further than these 5 fantastic stars and their recent movies to see what I mean. Their acting chops have helped bring about an evolution in the sophistication of horror scripts and plots. I, for one, am here for it!

Ethan Hawke as “The Grabber” in The Black Phone – Hawke portrays a masked baddie who nabs people and locks them in a soundproof basement. But when his most recent victim starts receiving calls from the basement’s previous inhabitants, The Grabber’s reign of terror might be in jeopardy. Get early access to The Black Phone through Redbox On Demand now, or rent it from the Kiosk starting August 16.

Jesse Buckley as “Harper” in Men – Buckley might not be a household name yet, but I assure you she’s on her way. (Don’t believe me? Watch Wild Rose.) In Men, this award-winning Irish actress plays a distraught and grieving woman who takes a solo trip to the English countryside for some RnR. But someone—or something—has other plans for her, and she soon realizes she’s being stalked.

Rebecca Hall as “Margaret” in Resurrection (currently in theaters) and “Beth” in The Night House – Hall’s riveting performances in both films is what elevated them to “Fresh” certification on Rotten Tomatoes. In The Night House, she plays a widow who realizes a dark presence is threatening her, and it might be connected to her husband’s secrets. In Resurrection, she plays a woman whose abusive ex-boyfriend (Tim Roth) finds her years after she escaped him.

Yahya Abdul-Mateen II as “Anthony McCoy” in Candyman – Emmy-winner (for his role in HBO’s Watchmen) Abdul-Mateen plays an artist who becomes dangerously obsessed with the Candyman urban legend.

Sandra Oh as “Amanda” in Umma The Grey’s Anatomy and Killing Eve star plays a single mom who lives a peaceful life on a farm with her daughter. Peaceful until she receives her abusive mother’s ashes from Korea, that is. After the urn arrives, bad things start to happen…

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