It’s been confirmed that this week, the world plans on celebrating the ocean’s biggest and baddest (and terribly chaotic) fish. The cinematic world has been fascinated with these giant creatures creating movies like 47 Meters Down, The Shallows, and the forever wild, Sharknado series.

So now I’ve got you thinking, who is the best movie shark out there? While most of them don’t have an official name, you are bound to know which swimming predator I’m talking about. In case your movie watching list needs some shark vibes, here are the seven of the best sharks that you need to add to your list right now!

Bruce from Finding Nemo
Sharks are friends, not enemies. Bruce gives the entire shark population the redemption that they need to turn their scary dementor to a friendly one. Despite his spine-chilling appearance, Bruce is kind, laid-back, and has a few jokes up his fin.

Mr. Shark from The Bad Guys
The master of disguise is lurking between a group of notorious criminals. Outside his bad boy exterior, Mr. Shark is known to his friends as nice and good-natured to his core. Just don’t tempt him with a push-pop or his huge undersea teddy bear vibe will turn back into something terrifying. 

Sharkboy from Adventures of Sharkboy & Lavagirl
His name is Sharkboy so there was NO way he wasn’t going to make the list! If the fin on his back doesn’t get him in the running for best movie shark, baby Taylor Lautner’s character is human-shark that was cared for by a pack of great whites. That’s all the reasoning I need to put Sharkboy as one of the shark greats!

Jaws (obvi) from Jaws
I think that we can all agree that after watching this 1975 classic, we were all terrified to go anywhere near the New England tourist town of Amity Island. The scene where Jaws absolutely crushes the boat into a million pieces lives rent free in all of our heads. *duuunnnnnnnn dun dun dun dun dun*

Megalodon from The Meg
It’s all fun and games until a prehistoric 75-foot-long shark (aka the Megalodon) starts watching you. In my opinion, this movie was the most terrifying shark movie of them all and there’s no way that you’ll ever convince me to take a dive into the deep sea.

Lenny from Shark Tale
Okay, let’s head back to safety with a friendly great white shark. Voiced by the forever talented Jack Black, Lenny isn’t your typical aggressive underwater enemy. His compassionate personality and friendship with Oscar is what dreams are made of!

Nanaue aka King Shark from The Suicide Squad
Enter Sylvester Stallone. King Shark is believed to be a descendant of an ancient shark god, so he’s a mix of impulsive behavior with a side of affection. There’s no one that can compare to the level of chaos this shark brings into a room.

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