Ready to get the ol’ heart a-pumpin’? Without actually having to exert any physical effort? Check out these 5 new action movies that recently hit Redbox:

Jurassic World Dominion – While it feels less like a “dinosaur movie” than the other installments in the Jurassic franchise, the upside is that if you’re in the mood for chases and explosions and running, Dominion’s got you. Check out my theatrical review for more!

Last Seen Alive – Gerard Butler goes full Liam Neeson and takes the law into his own hands when his wife is kidnapped at a truck stop.

The Lost City – Channing Tatum and Sandra Bullock as a romance-novel cover model and author stranded in the jungle while trying to avoid Daniel Radcliffe’s billionaire villain … with a hilarious Brad Pitt cameo? What more do you need? How about volcanoes, waterfalls and leeches on Tatum’s butt? I knew that would sell you. (And don’t miss the most excellent mid-end-credits bonus scene.)

Memory – Not about to be replaced by Gerard Butler, Liam Neeson is back and flexing his particular set of skills as an assassin with early-onset Alzheimer’s who needs to outrun a violent client.

Everything Everywhere All at Once – And finally we come to my favorite film of the year so far (though I doubt it will be topped), where Michelle Yeoh plays a laundromat owner being audited by the IRS while also harnessing the experience from all of her other lives throughout the multiverse in order to save the world. If you’re intrigued but still need convincing, read my full theatrical review!

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