The month of May is the month of MOM (even though we think that they should be celebrated every day). There are a variety of movie moms that are admirable, strong, and do it all to keep their family together.  We’ve got a list of these most memorable moms that continue to inspire us! 

Mrs. IncredibleThe Incredibles
Helen Parr aka Mrs. Incredible aka Elastigirl is a superhero kind of mom. She is the member of her family that literally holds them together and keeps them from harm (or does her best to). With a mom like Helen, you can guarantee that she’ll inspire you to be the best that you can be and never let the bullies get you down!

Leigh Ann Tuohy The Blind Side
If you were to describe Leigh Ann in two words, it would be a supportive cheerleader. She’s got the motherhood thing figured out and continues to show her warmth and guidance to anyone in need. Nothing can compare to the love that Leigh Ann gives! Everyone is family in her book and she won’t let you carry the weight of the world alone.

Evelyn AbbottA Quiet Place
The odds have been stacked up against the Abbott family, but Evelyn will do anything to keep her kids loved unconditionally and safe. With the dangers of the world lurking around every corner, the strength and determination guides Evelyn into showing her kids that it’s okay to face your fears. 

Tanya AndersonAkeelah and the Bee
There’s no better feeling in the world than the unconditional support that Tanya gives her kids. She’s struggling to raise her family by working hard to make sure they have the best life possible. Her tough love may seem a little harsh, but in the end, we all know she wants her kids to succeed and to follow their dreams. 

Maria von TrappThe Sound of Music
Maria’s energy is contagious and the laughter, love, and songs she brings into her children’s life is pretty amazing if you ask me! While she wasn’t their actual mom, she never let that stop her from giving the von Trapp kids the best life possible. She gives the best advice and everyone is better off for having her in their life.

Marisa VenturaMaid in Manhattan
This mom is hardworking, determined, and as supportive as they come! Marisa does whatever she can to make sure her and her son are taken care of. You can tell that everything that she does is in support of Ty’s future. So here’s to all the working mom’s out there that put themselves second to give their kids the best life possible!

Mrs. GumpForrest Gump
A fiercely selfless and devoted mom describes Mrs. Gump perfectly. She knows that Forrest is a little different, but she’ll stop at nothing to make sure that he lives an extraordinary life. Her inspirational and loving qualities is what makes her one of the best movie moms and deserves a box of chocolates in her honor today.

Ellie WagnerInstant Family
The Wagner family took in three foster kids and their life instantly changed for the better. Ellie opened her heart to loving these kids and giving them the best life that she could. Life may be a roller coaster, but it’s better with a family standing right beside you. There’s no one quite like Ellie and the love that she gives unconditionally.

DeannaLife of the Party
Deanna is a confident queen that knows a little bit about how hard it can be to start over. But for this mom, that doesn’t stop her from being there for her college daughter when she needs her the most! There’s nothing better than having your mom by your side at your biggest life moments to tell you that you’re doing great and that she’ll always be your biggest cheerleader.

Donna SheridanMamma Mia!
We love to see an intelligent mom that has a hopeless romantic heart. Donna has her daughter’s best intentions at heart and does what she has to do to make sure that she makes the best decision possible. With her dream to travel the world, this mom instills the best in everyone to follow their dreams and always share your love.

Molly WeasleyHarry Potter
There’s nothing that can compare to a mother’s love that is 100% unconditional. Not only did Molly do everything to protect her son Ron, but she took Harry in and embraced him as her surrogate son. Her kind-hearted and sympathetic personality is truly contagious and no other love can compare to this magic mom.

M’Lynn EatentonSteel Magnolias
The bond between a mom and her daughter is unbreakable and that’s exactly the relationship that M’Lynn and Shelby have. She may be a little overprotective, but what mom isn’t?! The selfless act of donating a kidney to save her daughter is the kind of love that only a mom can give. We love this mom and strive to carry a little bit of her kindness with us! 

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