Quick! Name the last romantic comedy you watched—and liked. Now look up what year it came out. Odds are it wasn’t recently, because the rom-com genre has been suffering from a loooonng drought.

But here to save the day are Jennifer Lopez and Owen Wilson in Marry Me, a movie where you’ll 100% be able to guess every single thing that happens before it happens, but that you’ll likely still enjoy anyway. And that’s because you can tell that everyone involved in making this film, led by director Kat Coiro, was having a ball. The cast’s enthusiasm and positive vibes seep through the screen and will raise your spirits … don’t even try to resist.

Lopez stars as Kat Valdez, a global superstar who’s very much like J.Lo herself—married multiple  times and always in the tabloids. She’s about to get married again, and this time it’s to Bastian (Maluma), another international phenomenon. The couple plans to sing their chart-busting hit “Marry Me” (which will be stuck in your head forever … it’s quite catchy!) and then exchange vows on-stage in a multimillion-dollar extravaganza that will be live-streamed around the world and has been incessantly hyped across all forms of media for months.

Before the big moment arrives, we’re treated to an eyebrow-raising performance of Kat and a stage packed with backup dangers dressed as nuns for Kat’s single “Church.” In between songs, as Kat’s changing into her wedding attire, news breaks—complete with video proof—that Bastian cheated on her with her assistant.

As Kat stands atop the stage in a phenomenal sparkling wedding dress, with millions of eyes on her between the theater and the live-stream, she decides she needs to do something drastically different if she wants to change how her love life has gone so far.

That’s why, when her eyes land on math teacher Charlie (Owen Wilson) holding a “Marry Me” sign amidst thousands of her adoring fans in the audience, Kat decides to take him up on his offer right there. Little does she know that he’d only been holding that sign for a few minutes while his friend was taking pictures.

Wanting to do what seemed like the right thing in the moment to help Kat out of her embarrassing situation, Charlie exchanges vows with the superstar and is then immediately swept into her world, which he doesn’t really want any part of. However, Kat’s manager Collin (John Bradley, aka Sam from Game of Thrones) convinces Charlie to stick with the marriage for 6 months (after Kat convinces Collin that’s what they should do). When Charlie eventually invites Kat into his world at the school and with the mathletes, who are stressed about their upcoming competition, she starts to realize that perhaps a bit of normalcy and a life that isn’t always in the spotlight might be just want she needs. It helps that Lopez and Wilson’s eventual chemistry builds slowly and awkwardly enough to actually be believable.

Again, there’s nothing unpredictable whatsoever in Marry Me, but it’s still really sweet and a true “pick me up” romantic comedy. It doesn’t hurt that its songs by J.Lo and Maluma are also all really good.

Make sure you watch through the end credits for some When Harry Met Sally-esque “meet-cute” stories from real couples!

If you’re in the mood for a J.Lo rom-com before Marry Me comes to the Box, may I suggest:

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