I’m sure you’re at the point in your Christmas movie watching where you’ve memorized all of Kevin McAllister’s hijinks and can quote Elf flawlessly. 

Now the real joy is in the Christmas movies that are ‘unconventional’ in theory. They may not scream Christmas at first, but I’m here to give you all the reasons that they are as Christmas as The Santa Clause and Miracle On 34th Street. Grab the hot cocoa and cookies and let’s get to the best unconventional movies that spew the Christmas spirit.

Die Hard
Starting this list off STRONG. And there’s really no explanation needed here. Everyone knows that Die Hard is 100% a Christmas movie and you cannot change my mind. Yippee ki-yay, my friends.

Iron Man 3
The entire movie is based during the Christmas season. It’s got a snowy town square, Harley getting a garage full of cool toys, AND Tony telling Rhody ‘Merry Christmas, buddy’ as his crew of suits blast into the shipyard to battle Killian.

Mean Girls
They dance to The Jingle Bell Rock and hand out candy canes (4 FOR GLEN COCO and none for Gretchen Weiners). There’s no way that you can argue that this isn’t the ultimate Christmas movie. 

Edward Scissorhands 
Let’s do a quick movie recap here. Edward makes an angel ice sculpture for Kim while she is decorating her Christmas tree making it snow. He also makes cute paper garland people, AND he knows how to perfectly trim the trees. 

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone
HAPPY CHRISTMAS, HARRY! HAPPY CHRISTMAS, RON! You couldn’t get more wholesome and merry if you tried. And spoiler alert, Harry gets the best Christmas gift of them all!

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
If you aren’t convinced that this is a Christmas movie based solely on Michelle Monaghan’s outfit that’s Santa inspired, then I’m here to convince you with something else. Cut to the toy store scene where Harry (Robert Downey Jr) is on the phone with his niece trying to track down an action figure she wants for Christmas.

Gremlins checks all of the Christmas boxes including snow, carolers, toys, and the holiday chaos that comes every year. And if you aren’t convinced yet, I raise you a Gizmo with a Santa hat. 

Catch Me If You Can
The entire movie revolves around Christmas. Like hello flashbacks of Christmas Eve 1969 and Christmas 1964. Also, let’s review the scene where Frank Jr. (Leonardo DiCaprio) is running up to the house and The Christmas Song is playing in the background. There’s nothing more Christmas than that!

Trading Places
On the surface, the plot of this movie doesn’t spark the holiday spirit. There’s no way that you can tell me that having Santa (Dan Aykroyd) making his way through a seafood buffet during a party isn’t a Christmas vibe. This movie is truly a gift that just keeps on giving.

Lethal Weapon
Again, the title isn’t very holiday-esque, but they’re out here on a Christmas tree farm having a good-ole time. Well, good time isn’t really what’s happening, but you should have known that just by the title of this movie. Also, the movie opens with ‘Jingle Bell Rock’ so the Christmas movie category is validated.

Batman Returns 
Let’s visit the final scene for a second where Batman aka Bruce Wayne aka Michael Keaton says ‘Merry Christmas, Alfred’ as they’re driving down the snowy streets. You also have the whole Max Shreck speech surrounded by Christmas trees and holiday lights. So yes, put this one in the Christmas movie bucket.

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