I never used to be a Halloween person. Like, I dreaded it. I dreaded getting invited to Halloween parties, I dreaded the pressure of having to figure out a costume, and I dreaded being tempted with mounds of leftover candy once October 31 had come and gone.

But my husband is really into it, and of course my kids like picking out costumes, having a parade and other festivities at school, and trick-or-treating around our neighborhood (here in the city it’s mostly local businesses that give out candy).

So over the years I’ve begrudgingly boarded the Halloween hype train. While I still refuse to watch scary movies — and therefore almost all of the non-family-friendly horror films I mention below are ones I haven’t actually seen (but my friends and box office totals have deemed them worthy of your time), I do love the milder scares that come with kid-safe Halloween movies.

If you’re looking for something to get your whole family in the Halloween spirit, I’d recommend:

If you’re ready to be scared out of your mind without any kids around, you could try:

And then of course Redbox has sooooo many more Halloween movies at the Box and On Demand, too. You can check out the whole Halloween movie collection here.

Happy Halloween!

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