Anyone else tired? Like, getting-7-hours-sleep-but-still-tired TIRED? I think between the stress I’ve felt about my kids returning to school, everyone having to get up early again, a never-ending barrage of scary headlines and the slow-but-sure change of the seasons, my body’s running up the white flag and just wants a rest.

I see it in my kids, too. We need some Zone Out Time, stat.

Thankfully there’s never a shortage of great family films for times like these. Here are two you can watch with older kids and three double-features fit for any age.

Rudy – Currently Free On Demand, this classic sports drama is not only inspiring because it’s based on a true story, but it’s also awesome because it features actors like Jon Favreau and Vince Vaughn in their first film roles. But the star is Sean Astin playing the title character, a teenager desperate to get into Notre Dame and play for its football team.

Big Fish – Here’s another movie with a huge fanbase (which I’m part of) that’s also currently Free On Demand. In this amazing Tim Burton fantasy, Billy Crudup plays a journalist who goes home to visit his dying father (Albert Finney) to learn once and for all what—if anything—was true about all of the tall tales his dad used to tell him as a kid.

Space Jam and Space Jam : A New Legacy – My generation had Michael Jordan slam-dunking alongside Bugs Bunny, and kids today have LeBron James hooping it up with all of the Looney Tunes. Still in space, lest there be any doubt!

The Boss Baby and The Boss Baby: Family Business – Alec Baldwin voices Ted, who is a Boss Baby—a super-smart infant with the mind of an adult who helps his older brother Tim with a secret mission involving … puppies. In the sequel, we fast-forward 30 years into the future and meet Tim’s daughter Tina (Amy Sedaris), another Boss Baby, who must help foil an evil plot by the sneaky Dr. Erwin Armstrong (Jeff Goldblum).

Rock Dog and Rock Dog 2: Rock Around the Park – Mine is a family of musicians and music-lovers, and since we’d watched (and enjoyed) the original Rock Dog a few years back, we were psyched to see a sequel just came out. While the first movie was about following your passion and discovering who you really are, the second installment is about remembering who you are. Great lessons all around! And some great tunes, too.

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