Happy 2021 (or 2020?) Summer Olympics! It feels like we’ve been waiting just about F O R E V E R for these games to begin. I’m really excited to see these athletes shine on their big stage and can’t wait to see what hardware they bring back home!

But before you turn to the games, let’s turn to the movies. I’ve found 12 stand-out stories that will get you in the Olympics mindset so you’re fully ready to sit back, relax, and watch as these superstars do what they do best! 

The Bronze
SEBASTIAN STAN HAS ENTERED THE BUILDING. That’s the plot. Well, it’s also about an ex-American Olympic gymnast (Melissa Rauch) that is doing her best to take what she’s learned from her experience and use it to coach Maggie to a gold medal. I’d give this one a perfect 10!

Peaceful Warrior
The Olympics has been Dan’s life goal, but when he gets hit by a car and can’t walk, his dreams seem out of sight. But a warrior doesn’t give up what he loves, and he’s about to prove that to everyone. Does he make it back to the competition floor? Well, I’m not giving out any spoilers so you just have to watch this and find out for yourself.

I, Tonya
Everyone has their own truth, and Tonya (Margot Robbie) is about to tell hers. Based on a *mostly* true story, this ice skating comedy has everything you need to gear up for the Olympics including intense competition, revenge, and Sebastian Stan.

Blades of Glory
Do you want some ice skating? I’ll give you Will Farrell and Jon Heder. These two rivals are joining forces to beat the system and get what they deserve (aka the gold medal at the world championships). If skating isn’t your cup of tea, that’s fine, but at least watch this one for the costumes alone because they clearly take the win here. 

Ice Castles (1978) & (2010)
All Lexie wanted to do was skate, but when tragedy strikes, skating seems like a long shot. She’s lost her sight completely, but she’s not letting that stop her from following her dreams from competing in the US Figure Skating Championships. Yes, these two movies are IDENTICAL with a new remake, but the story is still inspirational as ever!

Chariots of Fire
Both Harold and Eric are gifted sprinters. But running isn’t the only thing that motivates them to compete in the 1934 Olympics. These two will do just about anything to achieve their goals….well, except giving up their honor. Sure, this movie may be 40 years old, but these legends are as relevant as ever!

I Am Bolt
Usain Bolt will go down in history as the fastest man that has ever lived. This documentary gives you the insight into his life and how his Olympic fame has changed him. Get a front row view of Bolt’s personality, his home life, and yes, even his pre-race jitters. This guy is inspiring and watching this just once gives you the encouragement to do whatever you put your mind to.

We need champions to remind us all of what we’re capable of. Jesse Owens is breaking all barriers to show the world that color and race doesn’t defy who you are. With guidance from his coach (Jason Sudeikis), Jesse is ready to take his opportunity to let every one know that he’s fastest man alive. So, let’s take it back to the 1936 Olympics and see what this extraordinary man can do when the odds are stacked against him. 

Louie Zamperini (Jack O’Connell) had qualified for the 1936 Olympics and thought his life was going to be filled with gold metals and world records. But his life takes a turn when he enlists in WWII and gets sent to a prisoner-of-war camp. This true story filled with resilience and determination that will have you speechless. And if you’re looking for what happened to Louie after the war, check out the sequel to his journey in Unbroken: Path to Redemption

Eddie the Eagle
For as long as Eddie (Taron Egerton) could remember, the Olympics has been his only goal in life. Enter Ski Jumping and Bronson Peary (Hugh Jackman) to help that dream become an reality. Together, these two will jump through any obstacle in their way to get Eddie to the 1988 Winter Olympics. This movie will leave you chanting ‘FLY EDDIE, FLY’ for days.

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