The question was simple….tell me your favorite movie of all time. But was it as simple as it sounds? I wrote it out and changed my answer from Avengers: Endgame to The Breakfast Club to Knives Out in about 5 seconds. 

But my Twitter fam did not fail me! Let’s dive into the top 14 movies that are showstopping and at the top of every movie conversation. And yes, everyone should watch them all at least once in their lifetime!

14. Steel Magnolias
Knowing that the cast includes Julia Roberts, Sally Field, and Dolly Parton really just says it all! These three join Shirley MacLaine, Olympia Dukakis, and Daryl Hannah to create the ‘steel magnolias’ in their small Louisiana town. Nothing can top this iconic friendship that provides strength, a little town gossip, and of course, the jokes that come from their love lives.

13. Edward Scissorhands
This Tim Burton classic does NOT disappoint! Johnny Depp and Wynona Ryder are front and center in Suburbia. There’s nothing better than a fantasy romance that involves a guy with scissor hands and a girl that will do anything to save him.

12. Jurassic Park
*CUE THE PARK MUSIC* I’m combining all 3 movies (plus the 2 Jurassic World sequels) into this bucket because if you watch one, you’ll end up watching the rest of them in an unplanned movie marathon. And yes, I still have ‘visit Isla Nublar’ on my bucket list and I know you do too.

11. The Princess Bride
This tale is as old as time, but will forever be a classic in my book (see what I did there)! All fairy tale adventures start off like this, but the real star of this movie was obviously the grandfather who took care of his sick grandson by reading him a story to get lost in a fantasy world for a while.

10. Titanic
Leo and Kate. Do I need to say more?

9. Back to The Future
Hands down one of the BEST movies to exist. If you didn’t watch this and instantly want a hoverboard, self-lacing shoes, and video glasses, then I think it’s time for a trilogy rewatch!

8. Benny & Joon
It’s got comedy, drama, romance, and most importantly a story that is like no other! The duo of Johnny Depp and Mary Stuart Masterson is undeniable. Just talking about this movie for 4 seconds makes me want to rewatch it right now!

7. Gladiator
I cannot read this title without thinking about Russell Crowe yelling ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?! And believe me when I say this for everyone, we are VERY entertained every time this movie is rolling.

6. Dirty Dancing
No one puts Baby in a corner and no one should ever put this movie in a corner either! If you just watch the movie for the iconic Swayze lift, then welcome to the club.

5. The Matrix
K E A N U annnnnd Laurence Fishburne too! This whole trilogy just gets better with each movie. Am I the only one that’s counting down the days until the fourth movie is added to this collection at the end of 2021?!

4. Pirates of the Caribbean
AKA the movie saga with the best soundtrack. Like seriously, at any given moment I can picture Johnny Deep just standing at the edge of the ship with this upbeat music that meant he was about to bring chaos.

3. Star Wars
Everyone grab your lightsabers because we’re headed to a galaxy far away! This franchise of movies may go down as the BEST franchise to exist and there’s no way you can argue that. I’m hoping that George Lucas has a few more movies in his mind because the world is READY!

2. SAS: Red Notice
My absolute favorite Redbox Entertainment film to date! It’s got a train heist, a cat and mouse game, and of course, Sam Heughan front and center! If you haven’t seen it, do yourself a favor and run to your nearest Kiosk to rent.

1. The Shawshank Redemption
And the number one GREATEST movie according to our Twitter fan is the 1994 masterpiece starring Morgan Freeman and Tim Robbins! I’m a sucker for any Morgan Freeman movie, but I 100% agree that this one takes the gold metal by a mile!

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