Underrated movies are like the underdog of the cinema world, we can’t get them out of our head. For me, it’s John Tucker Must Die. Like hello, its got girl power, an epic scheming plan and to top it off, Jesse Metcalfe.

So we’ve turned to the Twitter world to ask which underrated movie lives rent free in their mind, and like always, the responses didn’t disappoint.

Don’t let the 21% Rotten Tomatoes score FOOL YOU. This movie is all Vince Vaughn, Paul Giamatti, and the perfect amount of holiday chaos.

Everyone needs to watch this one at least once in their life! This movie is pure genius with the best of the 80s wardrobes and the best buddy cop movie ever.

It’s got Scar-Jo, Bill Murray, and Anna Farris. NEED I SAY MORE?!

I feel like this one fell under the radar, but this movie as anything BUT subpar. The star-studded cast easily hooked me in and tbh, there’s nothing better than the cast of The Avengers talking food for 2 hours.

Yet again we find ourselves in the middle of a Stephen King novel. But this 4 time Oscar nom is an instant classic that everyone needs to see!

It’s really disappointing how not many people talk about this Cult Classic. And yes, I celebrate Rex Manning Day every year!

More like rat CHAMPION! Not that this should matter, but the cover art for this movie is one of the best.

Adam Sandler + the Sprouse brothers = the BEST heartwarming & feel good movie of 1999.

This is for real one of Steve Martin’s underrated movies. A 90s Rom-Com with weather and billboards sounds crazy, but take it from me when I say it’s a MUST watch!

Val Kilmer (aka Batman aka Bruce Wayne and also Iceman) is now an FBI agent to catch a serial killer? If that doesn’t draw you in, then you’re missing out!

C’mon, this one has Bill Murray and Woody Harrelson as your leads. DO I HAVE TO SAY MORE?!

This all star casting is enough to pull anyone into this 1999 Sci-Com film. But if you need more convincing, it also has a Star Trek / Star Wars / Coneheads vibe that is something that’s never been done since.

Every time Tim Burton makes a movie, he out does himself. And this one perfectly follows suit.

Morgan Freeman is your lead guy. That’s all you need to know.

This movie makes me instantly want to go back to the 90s / early 00s and just live there forever.

This one is 100% underrated. This comedy had me rolling the entire time and is truly a hidden cinematic gem.

HENRY CAVILL IS SUPERMAN. Never underrate a Cavill movie because they are a 10/10!

I’m allllll game for an animated movie with a kid with some pretty great glasses. And the best part? Obviously the T-Rex named Tiny.

I think that every 90s kind grew up watching every Power Rangers show and movie. And I’m here to say that this movie should be a staple in every kid’s childhood.

This one is giving me a little sarcasm vibes, BUT THE GODFATHER IS ONE OF THE BEST PACINO MOVIES.

The most underrated Avengers movie. The fight scene in the middle of Wakanda literally lives rent free in my mind.

What movie do you think is underrated?!

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