The tradition of Groundhog Day — held every February 2 — involves a groundhog named Punxsutawney Phil (and his shadow) determining whether or not winter will continue to rage for 6 more weeks, or whether spring will grace us early. 

But film-lovers have come to associate the “holiday” more with the Bill Murray comedy Groundhog Day from 1993. In it, Murray plays a man who keeps reliving February 2 over and over and over and over again. He’s not time-traveling … he’s just stuck against his will in a loop, with hilarious results. Last year, fans of the movie were delighted to see Murray reprise his role in a Super Bowl commercial for Jeep.

This all got me thinking about other movies where characters keep repeating parts of their lives. Here are 5 more films with a Groundhog Day vibe.

Live Die Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow – This absolutely awesome action stunner starring Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt is one of those movies that I will recommend to anyone and everyone. In it, the two A-listers play soldiers in a future version of the world that has been invaded by aliens who seem intent on obliviating humanity. However, Cruise’s character is living in a time loop that allows him to learn from everyone’s mistakes and maybe — just maybe — figure out how to beat the aliens once and for all. I’m psyched that there is a sequel in development, though COVID might make us wait a little longer for it to go into production.

Source Code – I also loved this thriller starring Jake Gyllenhaal as an Army captain who is sent back into a train passenger’s body again and again before the train is annihilated in an explosion. His mission is to figure out who the bomber is so the Army can prevent him from completing a future attack, but soon the mission becomes personal when, over the course of his many loops, Gyllenhaal’s character develops feelings for another passenger played by Michelle Monaghan.

Before I Fall – What if you were a teenager stuck in a time loop and desperate to get out of it? That’s the plight of Samantha Kingston (Zoey Deutch) in this 2017 drama based on the YA novel of the same name. After a week of repeating the same day again and again, Samantha finally comes to terms with what she must do to end the loop — and it’s not what anyone expects.

Happy Death Day and Happy Death Day 2U – I think the main lesson learned in any Groundhog Day type of movie is that you really DON’T want to get stuck in a time loop. But if you do, it’s going to especially suck if it’s one in which you continue to be murdered again and again. That’s the general premise of both Happy Death Day and Happy Death Day 2U, smartly made horror films in which college student Theresa “Tree” Gelbman (Jessica Rothe) must use her experience in the loop to figure how who her murderer is … all while the specter of imminent violence hangs over her head.

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