Like every other person in the world, Taylor Swift’s new album evermore has been on repeat since the surprise album dropped in December. The calming acoustic vibes with a little bit of spice got me through the last of 2020 which I’m forever thankful for. But it got me thinking, these songs relate to some of my favorite movies. 

So, without further ado, here’s my take on evermore songs as movies.

willow – Crazy, Stupid, Love
Wreck my plans, that’s my man
This one relates to Jacob & Hannah. She falls for the guy that she thought she would never go for. He wrecks her life, but as we all know it, it was 100% for the best . And ps, they’re legit one of my favorite movie couples so cue the ‘big move Dirty Dancing’ scene.

Show me the places where the others gave you scars
Hear me out, but this one is Cal & Kate. She didn’t care that he was going through a separation/divorce/whatever you wanna call it. SHE LITERALLY EMBRACED HIS CRAZY RELATIONSHIP STATUS.

​champagne problems – The Devil Wears Prada
Bustling crowds or silent sleepers. You’re not sure which is worse.
This one is for Andy & Nate. Her life changed the second that she got hired with Miranda Priestly and Nate couldn’t get on board with it. She was for the bustling crowds and living for the chaos of the fashion industry and he just wanted her to stay in their little New York bubble.

​gold rush – Fifty Shades of Grey
Everybody wonders what it would be like to love you
This SCREAMS Ana & Christian and you can’t tell me different. Everyone dreams of dating Christian and would do just about anything for him to give them attention. Ana was the only one that Christian would let dive deep into his life, and they lived such an epic life.

​’tis the damn – The Best of Me
And the road not taken looks real good now, and it always leads to you and my hometown.
Amanda and Dawson are that high school sweetheart couple that just didn’t make it past the halls of their teenage years. But the road not taken for so long led them back to their hometown with all the feels rushing right back. 

​tolerate it – He’s Just Not That Into You
I know my love should be celebrated, but you tolerate it
The entire movie is based upon guys that aren’t into their girls anymore and some of them just tolerate it. Sometimes, he just isn’t into you anymore and your love deserves more (so just high tail it outta there).

​no body, no crime – Gone Girl
No, no body, no crime. But I ain’t lettin’ up until the day I die
Nick and Amy have a happy marriage…..but do they really though? She goes missing on their anniversary and all signs point that he has something to do with it. Just because they can’t find her doesn’t mean they’re letting up on the search for answers. There’s no way that you can’t listen to this one without thinking of this movie.

happiness – A Walk to Remember
There’ll be happiness after me, but there was happiness because of me
Ah yes, the story of Jamie and Landon that will forever live in my heart. He gave her happiness in the final days of her life and she gave him a happiness that will live on in her memory. Just thinking about this 90s classic makes me want to grab some ice cream, blanket and surround myself in this love story.

​dorothea – Forever My Girl
But are you still the same soul I met under the bleachers?
Track number eight is for Liam and Josie. He left her at the altar to pursue his country music dream. Sure, she’s been keeping tabs on him for years, but she’s trying to move past the hurt that he left her with. It’s up to Liam to prove that he’s the same guy that Josie fell in love with all those years ago.

​coney island – Sex and the City: The Movie
Were you waiting at our old spot in the tree line by the gold clock
AKA the story of Big and Carrie. Her life led her into a million different directions and he couldn’t commit to a life with her even though their love story was epic. So as the story goes, he was waiting for her at their old spot (yes, I’m talking about that gorgeous closet) and their lives collided into their iconic New York love once again.

​ivy – Sweet Home Alabama
So tell me to run or dare to sit and watch what we’ll become
Melanie and Jake. This is their story. She left Alabama to start a brand new life (with a new name) in New York. But when it’s time to marry Andrew, she has to go back to face her Alabama love story that she’s kept hidden for years. And what an crazy and sweetest love story that turns out to be.

​cowboy like me – Catch Me If You Can
Telling all the rich folks anything they wanna hear
This one is for Leonardo DiCaprio’s role as Frank Abagnale Jr. He had every job under the sun just to deceive everyone around him. He had the world wrapped around his finger and always one step ahead of everyone around him.

​​long story short – Safe Haven
Rare as the glimmer of a comet in the sky, and he feels like home
Katie finds Alex in a time in her life where she is holding on by the seams. He was the star in her sky when everything was dark. Alex gave Katie the comfort that she needed to start over and love again after her abusive relationship with Kevin. *insert the final scene where she’s swinging in the front lawn living her best life here*

marjorie –  P.S. I Love You
I know better, but you’re still around
Gerry dies, but he lives on through the letters he left for Holly. She knows that he’s gone from this life and these letters help encourage her to move on with her life. The letters take her on a journey through life finding who she is without him with his love still accompanying her through these adventures.

closure – Fifty Shades Darker
It wasn’t right the way it all went down
I know that Ana and Christian’s relationship is a lot like gold rush, but closer is another chapter in their relationship. When Fifty Shades of Grey ended, she was broken and he didn’t know how to fix the hurt. He knew that she was hurting and their relationship was over, but that wouldn’t stop him from keeping tabs on her to win her back.

evermore – A Simple Favor
I rewind thе tape, but all it does is pause
This one isn’t a relationship so to speak but all I can think about is when Emily disappears and Stephanie is racking her brain trying to figure it all out. The moments leading up to what could have happened keep playing over and over in her head and Stephanie is not giving up until she uncovers the truth.

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