Since we’re all already feeling discombobulated this year, why not just lean into it and have a 10-hour movie marathon that’s guaranteed to mess with your head, courtesy of director Christopher Nolan? You might not know what in the %^*$ is going on across these 4 movies of his, but you’re guaranteed to be entertained and come away pondering deep questions about how we think, how we live and the very nature of time and our overall existence. Sounds like a perfect way to wrap up 2020, if you ask me.

Insomnia – It’s best to kick things off with this 2002 psychological thriller, because if you watch it right before bed you might not be able to sleep, just as its title forbodes. So make sure all the window shades are fully open as you begin the tale of exhausted veteran LAPD cop Will Dormer (Al Pacino), who’s sent to Alaska during its season of perpetual daylight to partner with a new local officer (Hilary Swank) on a murder investigation. When they realize the deceased was a fan of local crime writer Walter Finch (Robin Williams), Finch soon becomes the prime suspect. But Dormer is facing an investigation himself as well, and things are definitely not all that they seem.

Interstellar – Next we move to a disastrous future version of our planet, where those still on the ground are struggling to survive as highly motivated astronauts jet off through a wormhole to find somewhere else for humankind to plant its flag. Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway are two of the NASA pilots and scientists on that mission, and what they discover out in the great beyond is something truly mind-bending.

Inception – Where do our best ideas come from? What if they aren’t our own ideas at all? In this 2014 sci-fi action stunner and Best Picture nominee that will make your brain work overtime to piece its plot together, Leonardo DiCaprio stars as a “dream stealer” who can infiltrate others’ minds to either nab their best ideas or implant different thoughts into their subconscious. It was just about the wildest and most original storyline I had ever tried to figure out, until…

Tenet – I’ll admit Nolan’s most unique film yet, which just hit the Box and Redbox On Demand this week, had me and my husband looking at each other in confusion and bewilderment throughout most of its 2.5 hours. But afterward, we spent a long time talking about it, and then proceeded to read a bunch of articles explaining its twists, turns and mind-blowing concepts. While I can’t lie and say I fully understand everything in Tenet just yet, I love how I’m still mulling it over in my brain. That’s something I think only the best movies can achieve—staying with the audience long after their credits have rolled. This much I can tell you for sure: John David Washington and Robert Pattinson star as covert operatives charged with bringing down an evil Russian arms dealer (Kenneth Branagh) before the advanced technology he has access to gives him the power to destroy the world as we know it.

Enjoy your Christopher Nolan movie marathon! I give you permission to do no hard thinking for at least a week afterward.  

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