We turned to our Twitter fans to ask them the simple question “What movie character still terrifies you to this day?”. It was an instant regret because now our dreams are fueled with terror. But here are the top 20 characters that are down right terrifying no matter how innocent they may seem….

Starting out the list strong with this one. C’mon, the irony of his name in a horror movie is terrifying enough. And then add the plot of this one in and there’s no going back to not shuttering every time you hear his name.

I’m not even sure how this one is terrifying. A cute dog with a job as a Hollywood actor?! Maybe it’s terrifying that he’s made it big while we’re all sitting at home watching him on the big screen (okay, now I get it).

This one is self explanatory. I’ve seen 8 seconds of this movie when he was running down the halls with a knife and I don’t think I’ve mentally recovered from this yet.

THANK YOU MARK. Terrifying doesn’t even begin to describe these Chocolate Factory workers. And yes, they’re 100% more terrifying in the 1971 movie and no, I will never watch that movie again solely for that reason alone.

Ah yes, the guy with the burned face. But wait, there’s more aka metal-clawed brown leather glove. Literally sending shivers up and down my back just thinking about this.

OH LOOK WHO MADE IT BACK ON THE LIST. There’s no escaping this guy inside a doll who’s a serial killer.

This movie is the reason why I’m TERRIFIED to get into an ocean. Sure, the odds are suuuuper slim that a shark attack will happen, but the odds aren’t zero.

E.T. the alien who haunts dreams. Also, who thought it was a good idea to rate this one PG AND a FAMILY MOVIE?! It’s like we were all set up for horror filled dreams.

Honestly, it’s the whole movie for me and this scene just puts it in the bucket of ‘will watch once and will terrify me for years to come’.

No words. He’s made it here three times. The people have spoken.

It was the creepy smile for me. And CMON, he was the true villain in the movie and manipulated the entire family. Also, the robe was the fashion choice that put him into the terrifying category.

The scene where she pops up from the fridge and says “HELLLLLLLO” lives in my nightmares so I get this 100%.

Crows in real life are terrifying enough. Make a bird a full mysterious demon that is looking for human organs to replace his damaged ones. NOPE.

This movie as a whole is putting horror on another level. I’m staying faaaaar away from any movie that has demonically possessed people in it because I’m not trying to manifest that energy in my life.

Yes, toxic men are terrifying.

Simple, but to the point.

Ashamed to say that I had to Google this. And let’s just say that 0/10 would recommend this search.

Ah yes, a throwback to 1974 where nightmares where created by a simple TV spot. If you have no idea what this is, do yourself a favor and don’t turn to YouTube to watch a clip of this.

Making the list again. For the reason that Mrs. Doubtfire is a father who disguises himself as an OLD WOMAN so he can stalk his family. WHAT?!

I refuse to watch this movie and now you’re telling me there’s DEMONS in there. NOPE, HARD PASS.

It’s not only the mask for me, but his murderous energy that he gives off with just the turn of his head.

An inanimate object rolling out of the closet and hanging out with the electronics. Seriously, who at Disney thought this wasn’t going to fuel nightmares in children?!

They both are your typical villain in their movies, and they put scary vibes on another level. Let’s for a second think about if they were in the same movie…..yes, it’s horrifying .

He’s a KILLER DOG. Enough said.

I felt this energy, I know this energy, and yes, it’s terrifying.

And there you have it. Clearly, there are a lot of terrifying characters, but movies wouldn’t be the same without them!

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