The weather is cooling down through most of the country (looking at you Florida and Hawaii), which brings the perfect opportunity for road trips. Nothing beats driving down an endless, winding road for hours with the windows rolled down while living in the moment. Road trips are the perfect getaway that provide scenic routes, beautiful hiking landscapes and cool, new places to dine and visit. It’s important to be prepared when embarking on a road trip, since you don’t know what might spontaneously occur.

Speaking of Spontaneous, see why teenager Mara (Katherine Langford) embarks on a road trip after she survives her friends spontaneously exploding… yes, you read that right. We’re pretty sure Mara would agree that this list below is everything you need for the perfect road trip…

  • Flashlight: There’s nothing worse than when the sun sets and you’re left to navigate the wild in the dark. A flashlight will help guide the way to safety (just make sure you don’t forget the batteries)!
  • Snacks: Face it, a road trip is not a true road trip without an obnoxious amount of snacks. So grab some granola bars, gummy worms, and some trail mix before you hit the road!
  • Wipes: You never know when you’ll accidentally spill a soda or need to clean the mud off your hands after doing some hiking.
  • Hand Sanitizer: We’re in the midst of a pandemic, carrying sanitizer and using it all day should just be second nature at this point.
  • Water: Keep yourself hydrated with some good H2O! Just don’t forget to bring your reusable water bottle because drinking from your hands seems a little crazy.
  • Outerwear: Grab your favorite sweater or your warmest jacket and hit the road! Mother Nature can change her mind unexpectedly so you need to be prepared for all scenarios.
  • Hiking Boots: You may come across a mountain you just HAVE to climb and the boots will definitely come in clutch. Or maybe closed toed shoes are the best option for whatever situation you may get yourself into.
  • Sun Protection: Don’t forget to pack the sunshine basics (aka sun block, a hat, and some sunglasses)! Even if it’s not that sunny out, they’ll help give you some identity protection too.
  • Phone & Charger: You can’t take a road trip without some music, taking pictures, or directions. Whatever you do, triple check that you have the charger so you don’t get stranded without being able to call for help!
  • Face Covering: By protecting yourself, you’re protecting others. Remember the mask and take it everywhere you go! And ps, it will help with protecting your identity if you need to lay low for a while.
  • Disposable Camera: The best part of a road trip is leaving your phone behind and living in the moment. Bring your disposable camera with you so you can capture the world while being off the grid.

Well, those are our top 11 must haves, but don’t forget the must-needs like other clothes to change into, your toothbrush, and money for food and gas! Now it’s time to plan your trip wherever it may be and take in everything that the world has to offer. Live your life spontaneously and go find your explosive love story!

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