It’s Summer 2020 and while most of us are inside socially distancing and staying safe, others are inside because it’s just WAY too hot. Relaxing in front of the TV while staying cool and beginning a hours-long movie marathon sounds like a great way to get your mind off reality for a while!

Now I know what you’re thinking, where do I even begin?! Well, I’ve found the best franchises that everyone should watch at least once in their life! These marathons last anywhere from 6-19 hours so you can fit at least one of these cinematic greats in a day’s work (or an entire weekend if you’re going for the marathon badge of honor).

In order of running times, here’s the 7 franchises that you need to set time aside to watch in one giant cinematic loop of happiness!


The Hunger Games

The Godfather

Lord of the Rings

Jurassic Park

Terminator Series

Harry Potter

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