These are clearly challenging times; times that break your heart. Times of anger and righteous frustration over injustice and systemic racism that have collectively crippled our country and hurt its citizens for far too long. For many of our Black employees and customers, they have been expected by society to suppress their feelings and their experiences of being devalued and marginalized, and to navigate and cope with being treated inhumanely and inequitably. We are sorry it took yet another tragedy to bring this important conversation to the forefront and to hear the cry of these voices loud and clear. We need to change; we need to do better and we know that it starts with us all as business leaders. It is our responsibility to ensure that the world we live in together is full of equality and humanity for all – from this day forward. This cannot wait. We don’t need to look for anyone else to solve this problem. We are the ones we have been waiting for.

To do this, Redbox commits to listening more, learning and actively participating to build equality. Redbox will speak out about injustice and not just sit on the sidelines; silent.

Redbox will take part in the rebuilding of impacted communities that have been traumatized by a global pandemic and civic and social unrest. Corporately we are investing and engaging in the healing process within communities and proactively working to expand the understanding of our internal organization, stakeholders, and also our valued customers.

Initial actions include:

  • All of our 1,400+ employees have been encouraged and provided resources on how they can volunteer their time and talents. Furthermore, we have provided additional paid volunteer time to employees that they can use to help and engage in community support and social justice efforts.
  • We have provided employees resources so they can learn and contribute to charitable organizations relevant to eliminating racism. Redbox is matching employee donations dollar for dollar up to $5,000 per employee.

We are committed for the long haul, to seeing that justice and equity are freedoms exercised by and afforded to everyone, no matter how long that might take.

“None of us alone can save the nation or the world. But each of us can make a positive difference if we commit ourselves to do so.”
― Cornel West, Race Matters