I’ve always appreciated my best friend — who I’ve known since birth. She and I both ended up having little brothers around the same age, so we have very much functioned like sisters our entire lives. Sisters with the benefit of not being raised under the same roof (basically The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2.0), so we never had the typical squabbles that can come with fighting over the bathroom or stealing each other’s clothes.

My BFF and I have been there for each other through everything: births, deaths, job changes, challenges, disappointments, triumphs, adventures … you name it. Last month, were supposed to finally vacation together — ALONE AND WITHOUT OUR KIDS — for the first time since college. To Hawaii. For a full week. With awesome dinner reservations and amazing daily itineraries. I suppose it goes without saying that we were both crushed when the trip ended up not being able to happen due to COVID. But hey, now we still have something to desperately look forward to in the future when we reschedule.

As it has done with so many other things, the pandemic has brought into sharp focus what, and who, really matters most in my life. My near-hourly texts with my best friend have been the unwavering constant that has kept me sane over the last few months. So you can bet I will be finding a way to honor her and celebrate our bond today on National Best Friends Day!

Here are some of the things I’m planning for today that perhaps you could also do to make sure your #1 friend knows how special they are:

  • Send all the gifs. My friend and I have an ongoing competition about who can send the most random yet still appropriate gif that sums up whatever weird thing we might be texting about. I plan to text her a ton of off-the-wall gifs today in an attempt to capture some of our inside jokes and make her smile.
  • Go old school. In addition to the random gifs, my friend and I also have a tradition of mailing each other really bizarre cards. Like, the stupidest or lamest cards we can find. Thankfully I have a stockpile of these that I bought long before COVID, so I plan to write out a few of them and drop them in the mail so she can be surprised later in the week. On this note, we also have an ongoing fascination with the timing of mail deliveries in our two cities. Once I mailed eight cards on the same day from the same mailbox here in Chicago, and she got them one by one over a span of three weeks in her town in Michigan. ?!?
  • Laugh at ourselves. I plan to dig out some old print photographs of us from back in the day when we had awful perms and even worse fashion sense, snap a picture of them with my phone and then text them to her with no other commentary. Because as they say, a picture is word 1,000 words. 1,000 curse words, in this case.
  • Share a movie (or two). My friend and I grew up on two movies, which may or may not have been totally age-appropriate, in hindsight. But it’s too late now because we’ve had them memorized line-for-line for decades. They’re the musical Grease (still one of the best soundtracks of all time), and the cynical fairy tale The Princess Bride. I plan for us to both press “play” at the same time and text each other as we watch. We’re not Zoom, FaceTime or phone people, but you might be, and if so you could do a simultaneous-watch that way instead.

I hope you enjoy taking a moment to celebrate your best friend and your shared history today!

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