I think we speak for everyone when we say COVID-19 has overstayed its welcome. But on the bright side, many of us have been able to spend more quality time with our loved ones in the comfort of our own homes. Celebrities are also among this group and found many creative ways to pass the time over the past few months. From singing, to working out, to baking, to supporting noble causes and everything between, here’s what some of our favorite celebs have been up to lately.
Jake Gyllenhaal—showing off his vocals in a love song driven by the quarantine itself:
Ellen DeGeneres—continuing to host her show from home, spreading laughs, joy and kindness around the world:
Kevin Hart—stayin’ fit by workin’ out and a whole lotta dancin’:
Mariah Carey—spending quality time with her quarantine pals with no regrets:
Sebastian Stan—taking selfies with his trusty face mask while reminding everyone to stay safe:
Jennifer Aniston—posting TBTs to the good ol’ days while “kindly” asking COVID-19 to back off and go away for good:
Taraji P. Henson—Tryin’ out some new hairdos and posting how-to videos for fans who wanted to rock similar styles:
Vin Diesel—sharing some words of love to fans and how they can look forward to many good things to come: https://www.instagram.com/p/CAeah2Rg7V9/
Ken Jeong—sharing a quarantine-inspired song to spread positive vibes all around:
Jennifer Lopez—reminding everyone to always cherish the moments you have with your loved ones, especially during trying times:
Anne Hathaway—participating in a virtual gala to support an important cause to help change lives for the better:
Chris Pratt—explaining to fans how they can sign up for a chance to be eaten by a dinosaur… you read that right:
Mindy Kaling—embracing her inner child by playing on the swing set and sliding into DMs:
Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson—trying everything within his power in order to convince his adorable daughter that he’s the voice behind one of her favorite characters:
Justin Bieber—going for a spin to pass the time:
Melissa McCarthy—staying productive by cleaning rooms around the house, tidying up closets, changing light bulbs, etc.:
Billy Porter—working on some new music that fans can listen to and get their groove on:
Salma Hayek—sharing some star-studded pics of her involvement with several iconic actors from the 90s:
Henry Cavill—putting his baking skills to good use and crafting some delicious-looking sweets while giving them appropriate captions: https://www.instagram.com/p/B_0IgFbBD2g/
Awkwafina—reflecting on the current situation while stressing the significance of social distancing: https://www.instagram.com/p/B-HtSR2lrqT/
Samuel L. Jackson—celebrating Star Wars Day by wearing a perfectly fitting shirt to go along with it:
Sofia Vergara—spending time in the sun and getting ready to eat some homemade burgers with her loved ones:
Cole Sprouse—showcasing a completely new look that gave fans plenty to talk about:
Reese Witherspoon—sharing a green smoothie recipe with a secret ingredient that may not cross your mind:
Timothée Hal Chalamet—posting pics here and there to millions of fans that are easily one of the most passionate fan bases out there:
Anna Kendrick—letting fans know how they can watch the new Trolls movie in the comfort of their own homes:
Ramy Youssef—expressing how much he misses his buddies while remaining positive at the same time:
Liam Hemsworth—celebrating Easter at home and in bed (no shirt required):
Rebel Wilson—making the most of what she has at home, including a very comfortable-looking daybed:
Sylvester Stallone—taking part in a live watch party featuring the classic movie Rocky, courtesy of MGM Studios:
Gwyneth Paltrow—celebrating her daughter’s sweet sixteen while wishing it could’ve been done under better circumstances:
Matthew McConaughey—updating fans on the current situation and telling them what they can do to help improve things:
Zoe Saldana—reminding everyone about the importance of self care, especially during times of uncertainty: https://www.instagram.com/p/CADkVs7BnTz/
Karen Gillan—showing off what her dance skills were like before the quarantine:
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