Here’s a pro tip for quarantining: never step on the scale. If, like me, you’ve been unable to exercise as much as you used to and have also been “rewarding” yourself with sweets for simply surviving this stressful time, you may be looking for another way to burn off some calories. And while I’m no doctor nor do I play one on TV (or the internet), I’m pretty sure that any of these 8 movies will raise your heart rate. That’s gotta be worth something, right?

If you want to feel like you’ve worked out, I’d recommend:

Bloodshot – New to the Box and Redbox on Demand, this adaptation of the bestselling comic book stars Vin Diesel as Ray Garrison, a (dead) soldier who’s resurrected by a shady corporation and infused with nanotechnology. Now, as the superhero Bloodshot, he’s pretty much invincible, which is cool and all — except for that part about not knowing what’s real and what isn’t. This one hits all the notes you’re looking for in an action movie and is just plain fun.

The John Wick trilogy – Good news: everyone’s got time right now to enjoy a triple screening! Watching the 3 John Wick movies back to back is surely the equivalent of running a marathon, right? Keanu Reeves stars as an ex-hitman who’s pulled back into the biz after some bad guys make the very unwise decision to mess with him.

Wanted – I LOVE this 2008 cool-as-hell action thriller starring Angelina Jolie as a member of the Fraternity — a secret group of assassins. When James McAvoy finds out he’s the son of a recently murdered member, Jolie takes him under her wing after he decides to leave his dead-end cubicle job and train to be a hitman. Bonus: you’ll get a chuckle out of Chris Pratt in one of his earliest film roles as McAvoy’s friend and co-worker.

The Island – If you’ve never seen this 2005 sci-fi stunner from Michael Bay, it’s time to check it out. I don’t want to spoil its twists, but I can say that Scarlett Johansson and Ewan McGregor star as two people living in a compound who uncover a huuuuuggggeeee (and very dark) secret about the nature of their existence.

Crank and Crank: High Voltage – I’ll close with the most frantically paced movie I’ve ever seen. If you don’t sweat out some calories while watching the first Crank installment, I give up. Jason Statham stars as a poisoned hitman (so many hitmen on this list!) who must continue to find creative ways to keep adrenaline flowing through his veins or else he’ll die. The sequel has a similar concept, but I won’t reveal its exact premise. All you need to know is that it’s NONSTOP, CALORIE-BURNING STRESS! Just the antidote to all that couch-potatoing.

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