When a film covers a serious topic such as war, you can expect to see lots of action on the battlefield that results in tragedies. In the case of Enemy Lines, World War II is the central theme, but there are many intertwined messages that revolve around hope, camaraderie, unity and getting through tough situations. We had a chance to chat about these aspects and more with Ed Westwick, who stars as Major Kaminski in Enemy Lines. Let’s jump right in:

If you could describe your new movie Enemy Lines in three words, what would they be?
Explosive, Emotional, Real

There are numerous World War II films out there, but each one aims to focus on a different angle to tell a unique story. In terms of the plot, what sets Enemy Lines apart from the rest?
I think the snow covered landscape of Poland plays a big part. The visual atmosphere is breathtaking. You feel it. The fact that this is a battle away from the front lines. A secret mission James Bond-esque with the Allies feels like less covered ground.

Your role as Major Kaminski appears to be drastically different from your involvement with characters in other movies — can you describe what it was like to step in the shoes of a high-ranking army officer in the midst of a global war?
I feel like Kaminski has to be the strong hero. It is what’s required of him. To succeed, but also to survive. This was a new character for me. I loved it. Also men were just different back then. Emotion was suppressed. But during war/trauma, it’s an interesting & painful mentality to go into. Plus the action scenes were pretty damn cool…

In times of uncertainty, many people find themselves turning to entertainment options they find comfort in — what positive messages can be relayed from Enemy Lines?
Well, the film is about a war. Some people are saying we have that now. The story shows that by working together, we can achieve our goals. By doing so, different people can help each other.

What do you hope audiences walk away with after watching Enemy Lines?
I hope people feel entertained! The film has great action, heartfelt story and real characters. It’s not just a guy flick, everyone can watch this and go on a ride.

Major Kaminski has many admirable qualities and can essentially be viewed as a polar opposite to the iconic Chuck Bass, which you also played in Gossip Girl. How would you compare both characters?
They are completely different. From a different time. There is no comparison for me.

If you could only watch one movie for the rest of your life, what would it be?

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