Today we honor Saoirse Ronan, who’s turning 26! Happy birthday, Saoirse!

I’ve been writing about this wonderful Irish actress for more than a decade, and every single time I need to spell her name, a voice in my mind whispers “Say-o-irse” to help me remember how it goes. Which is why I often forget that it’s pronounced “SUR-sha” — even though she once wore a sign to help people!

All these years later I do think I’m getting the hang of it, especially because Saoirse’s star has skyrocketed since earning her first Oscar nod in 2007 for her role as the nosy young sister in the shattering Best Picture nominee Atonement, also starring Keira Knightley and James McAvoy. Saoirse was only 12 at the time of filming, making her one of the youngest actresses to ever be nominated in the Best Supporting Actress category. (The youngest actress to have ever been nominated ended up winning: Tatum O’Neal for Paper Moon in 1973 — she was 10 ½ years old.)

While she hasn’t taken home a golden statue yet, she has gone on to be nominated for 3 more Academy Awards, all for Best Actress — for Brooklyn, Lady Bird and the latest (excellent) adaptation of Little Women, which just hit the Box! She is now, without a doubt, a Hollywood A-lister, even though she still makes time to help out friends like fellow Irish entertainer Ed Sheeran by starring in his video for “Galway Girl.”

If you are in the mood for a marathon of Ronan’s movies while in quarantine, I’d recommend all of the ones above, plus:

While I’m not sure how the COVID-19 pandemic might affect release dates, Saoirse’s next two movies have thankfully already been shot and are now in post-production. The first is The French Dispatch, another Wes Anderson film (as was The Grand Budapest Hotel) with a huge and impressive cast, even though it looks like Ronan’s part might be quite small. In Ammonite, however, she has a starring role opposite Kate Winslet.

Once again, happy birthday Saoirse, and we hope you are staying safe and healthy wherever you’re celebrating!

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