Let me be the first to say HAPPY NATIONAL SIBLINGS DAY! This unofficial official holiday is celebrated every April 10th and brings love to sibling relationships and its unbreakable bond. Our siblings are both our best friends and our worst enemies at times, but we wouldn’t change it for anything. 

It wouldn’t be a typical day here if we didn’t shine some light into the movie life. These siblings are following in each other’s footsteps and taking it to Hollywood’s big screen. Some of these siblings have been starring in many films and TV shows while others have been laying low and basking in some much needed me-time.

And so without further ado, here’s my top ten celeb siblings that are going great things both on and off screen!

1. Jaden & Willow Smith
These two have been in the spotlight since the day they were born. With star-studded parents like Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith, these two were destined for the spotlight. 
What are they working on now? Well for Jaden, he’s focusing on his rap career. Willow is starring alongside her mom and grandmother in their Red Table Talk series.

2. Ben & Casey Affleck
The Affleck brothers may have 3 years between them, but nothing can stand in the way of their movie careers! They’ve starred in movies together such as 200 Cigarettes, Chasing Amy, and the one and only Good Will Hunting
What are they working on now? Ben’s new movie The Way Back just hit theaters and Casey has some up and coming movies hitting the big screen soon!

3. The Hemsworth Brothers aka Chris, Luke, and Liam
Hands down the greatest thing to happen to the big screen was the appearance of this trio of brothers. While they all have different areas of expertise, their movies are a must watch by everyone!
What are they working on now? For Liam, his movie Arkansas is set to release later this year. Chris is coming back as Thor (I couldn’t be MORE excited) in Thor: Love and Thunder. And for Luke, you can still find him as Ashley Stubbs in HBO’s Westworld

4. Joan & John Cusack
This brother and sister acting duo have been unstoppable for years! They’ve been in the movie scene for quite some time AND they have starred in 10, yes 10 movies together. PS their 3 other siblings Susie, Ann, and Bill share the love for acting too!
What are they working on now? Joan has taken a break from acting since her last 2019 movie, Klaus with no movies in the works (as of right now). John has been working on a TV Series on Amazon titled Utopia.

5. Maggie & Jake Gylennhaal
Maggie and Jake had acting in their genes given their father, Stephen Gyllenhaal is an amazing filmmaker and their mother, Naomi Foner, worked as a director. We just can’t get enough of this Hollywood royalty family!
What are they working on now? Older sibling Maggie has got some 2021 films she’s working on, while Jake has 4 films set on his radar!

6. Luke & Owen Wilson
These Wilson brothers know their way around the movie scene. They’ve seen much success on their own, but shared the spotlight in movies such as Around The World In 80 Days, The Royal Tenenbaums, and Bottle Rocket!
What are they working on now? You can find Owen in 3 movies set to make their debut in 2020! And for Luke, his movie The Swing of Things is expected to release in 2020 as well!

7. Chris & Scott Evans
My FAVORITE brothers in all the land. The Evans bros share more than just their good looks, they also share their love for acting together in both Before We Go and Playing it Cool.
What are they working on now? It looks like Scott is laying low but for Captain America himself, he’s got some pretty cool rumored movies. But until then, you can find him and his white sweater in his new film, Knives Out!

8. Jonah Hill & Beanie Feldstein
Shock waves hit the social world when everyone figured out that Jonah Hill & Beanie Feldstein were siblings (I was just as surprised)! This brother and sister acting duo is unstoppable and continues to bring laughter to the world.
What are they working on now? We haven’t heard of any new projects for Jonah, but you can find him in his 2019 released movie, The Beach Bum, starring alongside Matthew McConaughey. And for Beanie, we look forward to her in movies hitting theaters soon!

9. The Baldwins aka Alec, Stephen, William, and Daniel
These four brothers are unstoppable when it comes to acting. While they’re all working on different projects, there’s no shortage of films, TV shows, and voice-overs that Alec, Stephen, William, and Daniel won’t make into a masterpiece!
What are they working on now?  The radar is looking FULL for all 4 Baldwins! Alec has 4 movies in the works with Boss Baby 2 just announced! Stephen’s newest movie, Blood Pageant, is set to debut in August 2020. For William, 2 Graves in the Desert was released in March and he’s got 6 more movies coming soon! And last but not least, Daniel’s got his sights set on 8 movies and one set for an April release! 

10. James & Dave Franco
This comedy brother acting duo has brought so many laughs to theaters, homes, and social media. Their resemblance is uncanny and there is no doubt that James and Dave are killing it in the movie-sphere.
What are they working on now? There’s nothing on either of their radars at the moment, but that won’t stop us from enjoying their comedy wits. If you need some Franco in your life (which we all do, tbh), check out The Disaster Artist which they both starred in with Seth Rogen!

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