With the butt-kicking Charlie’s Angels trio hitting the Box this week, we thought we’d celebrate by giving you some ideas for a fun girls’ night — and some swag if you’re the lucky winner of our Instagram giveaway. (Details on that below.)

Any solid girls’ night has to incorporate these four things, so make sure you’ve got them covered: 1) great food, 2) even better drinks, 3) heartfelt conversations and 4) guilty pleasures. Some might argue that your crew needs to go out on the town for such an occasion, but I know that for me and my friends, once we all had kids there was nothing more we wanted than to stay in comfy clothes and go over to someone’s house, crack open a bottle of wine and chill together.

No matter whether you hit a restaurant or club or have a night in, you’ll want to be able to wind down at the end of the evening with a female-centric movie.

Here are some options, depending on what kind of vibe you’re going for:

Or if you do decide to camp out at a friend’s house for a while, you could actually have a girl-powered triple-screening of Charlie’s Angels (2000), Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle and the latest Charlie’s Angels starring Naomi Scott, Ella Balinska and Kristen Stewart, who steals every scene she’s in and clearly had a ton of fun making this reboot.

Before you dive into planning your girls’ night, jump over to our Instagram feed before [insert date and time deadline] to enter to win an awesome prize pack that includes Charlie’s Angels (2019), Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle, Charlie’s Angels (2000), one-year of Redbox DVD rentals (52 codes!) AND a few surprises from our friends at Sony!

And last but not least, check out this 10-minute preview to get yourself hyped up for your girls’ night. Have fun!

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