When it gets so close to spring I can taste it (March 19 — 4 more days!), I get seriously motivated to do a spring-cleaning marathon at home. After hours on my feet, I can only summon up the energy to collapse into a chair and rest with a movie. When that happens, I plan on picking one of these 4 titles — all of which I know my kids, me and my husband would enjoy!

Frozen II – Like I said, this one I KNOW my family will like because we’ve already seen it multiple times and have the soundtrack on repeat daily. My 4-year-old daughter likes it because of the songs and sisters Anna and Elsa overall, and my 8-year-old son likes it because it is “spookier” than the first film, and Olaf the snowman is even funnier this time around. My husband and I appreciate its empowering message (and, admittedly, we like to sing along to all the songs as well).  

Spies in Disguise – If we feel it’s time to venture out of Arendelle, we might go for this animated spy comedy featuring the voices of Will Smith and Tom Holland. Smith plays a secret agent who is accidentally turned into a pigeon (a pigeon!) by the likes of Holland’s young scientist. Together they must fight bad guys while trying to figure out how to get Smith’s character back to his human form.

Teen Titans Go! vs. Teen Titans – I honestly gasped when I was scrolling through Redbox.com, saw this movie and realized I had totally forgotten to watch it with my family. We are HUGE Teen Titans Go! fans — even dressed up as them for Halloween a few years ago — and had all been excited for this special movie where the older version of the comic crew is set up by their world’s villains to battle the updated version of the team from the successful Cartoon Network series. One way or the other, we’re watching this soon!

Playing with Fire – If we decide we’re in for some family-friendly entertainment of the non-animated variety, then we’ll go with this cute comedy about three firefighters (John Cena, Keegan-Michael Key and John Leguizamo) whose lives and jobs are turned upside-down when they find themselves caring for three siblings they saved from a wildfire.

This is going to be a tough choice!

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