2/25/20: WHO IS TINA FEY?!
I saw this trending on Twitter and I thought it was a joke at first. On The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon!, Tina Fey made a cameo with a video of her walking through the subway. She talked about how she thought people would recognize her on the train, but no one ever did (not even in her SNL days)! How can you NOT know that Tina Fey is hanging out on the same train as you?! Back to the headline here, Twitter followers had fired up the tweets to ask the silliest question: ‘Who is Tina Fey’? I am BLOWN AWAY by this question. Listing her 3 greatest movies below if you need a reminder: 

  • Mean Girls: Ms. Norbury may have been one of my favorite characters in this entire film. Her transparency as a person made every situation honest and hilarious. She embraced her wild, tame, and authoritative side which made the movie THAT much better. Honestly, if she wasn’t a part of this iconic movie, we would have never got the “Raise your hand if you have ever been personally victimized by Regina George?” meme and I don’t think that any of us could live without it. 
  • Baby Mama: Amy Poehler stars alongside Tina Fey in this very real and very memorable comedy. Tina plays Kate, a woman who wants nothing more in life than a baby. Insert Amy as Angie who sets out to give Kate the baby of her dreams. This comedy duo had me laughing the entire time! Tina Fey as a mom may be one of my favorite roles she’s played solely on the questions she asks Angie (you know, the ones that go through your head but you never say out loud? Those ones.).
  • Sisters: Tina and Amy back at it again playing sisters this time. Their relationship is so relatable because the sister dynamic is something that is indescribable. My relationship with my sister is 100% like Kate and Maura in this and it’s pretty great to watch it happen on the big screen. And they throw one EPIC house party too, which anyone would die to be invited to (because I know that I would)!

2/26/20: The Dress Is Back
It’s been five years since this dress took the world by storm and started COUNTLESS arguments. Is it black and blue or is it white and gold? The answer is clearly black and blue and you can’t tell me otherwise. It’s crazy that with everything going around in the world on a daily basis, it only took one simple image to get us all talking about the same thing for weeks on end. 

But this isn’t the first time that we all saw double. It was one day in The Parent Trap at Camp Walden where Hallie and Annie sat in the isolation cabin and determined not only were they sisters, BUT twins! Or in It Takes Two where the Olson twins meet at a summer camp and find out that they are each other’s splitting image. It’s a crazy world in the movies, but we can all agree that seeing double makes for a great plot line!

2/27/20: Tyler Swift Makes A Debut
In a spectacular debut, pop icon, Taylor Swift, dropped the music video for her new single The Man. This video is just as brilliant as the rest as it follows a man through different points of his life. Tyler hangs out at his office, yacht, subway, VIP club table, and even the tennis court. Not to spoil it or anything (if you haven’t watched it, go do it NOW), but the ending reveals something jaw dropping. And no, it isn’t Taylor as her Cats character, but Taylor going through a time lapse showing that she was Tyler the entire time! There isn’t anything that this amazingly talented icon can’t do and she leaves us all more inspired than before to take the world by storm.

This isn’t the first time that we’ve watched a double life come to surprise us all. One of the best transformations was Robin Williams as Mrs. Doubtfire. I could probably watch this a million times and still can’t help but sit there in awe of how dedicated and confident he was taking on this role. But my favorite one is hands down the Wayans brothers in White Chicks.The way that they completely own the vibe of their alter egos is amazing and there’s no way you can watch this without laughing into tears.

Weekly Movie Round-up

The Invisible Man Starring Elisabeth Moss, Storm Reid, and Oliver Jackson-Cohen, this thriller is hitting theaters this weekend! The plot of The Invisible Man takes us on a journey through a domestic abuse survivor’s life when an ex-boyfriend has made his way back to her. This time though, he faked his own death, left her everything, and is now stalking her since he has found a way to make himself invisible. The trailer captured by attention so quickly months ago and this entire film is sure to capture yours now!

Knives OutIn this Rian Johnson directed masterpiece, you’ll be guessing every minute. Crime novelist, Harlan Thrombey, is found dead after his 85th birthday bash. Everything is leading to a suicide, but Detective Benoit Blanc sees this mystery in another light. This star-studded cast leads you on a wild journey keeping you guessing up until the last minute. I would give this one a 12/10 and EVERYONE should watch this one (which is now at the Box and On Demand)!

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