2/16-2/17: #Daytona500
The NASCAR stage was set and the cars were revved up and ready to go. The Daytona 500 is the kick-off to the racing season and drew in thousands of viewers cheering on their favorite drivers and soaking in the Florida sunshine. In typical Florida fashion, an afternoon shower was in the forecast which had delayed the race a couple times. NASCAR officials decided to postpone the race until the next day which meant another adrenaline filled day was on the horizon.

Lap after lap drivers were Trading Paint (yep, shameless John Travolta movie plug here) and racing like I’ve never seen them race before. Maybe they were all channeling their inner Talladega Nights, Ricky Bobby, making sure that they were first, not last. Either way, it was a photo finish with Danny Hamlin taking the checkered flag. But the celebration was a somber one. All eyes were on the horrific crash that sent Ryan Newman flying through the air, into another car, and then spinning onto its side. THANKFULLY he suffered no life threatening injuries and walked out of the hospital on Wednesday holding hands with his two daughters that he absolutely adores.

2/18: What Movie Traumatized You
Just reading that gave me instant goosebumps. A tweet soared around the twitter world with a simple question…’What Movie Traumatized You As A Kid?’. Innocent enough, right? Nope. INSTANT flashbacks to my childhood. Of course there’s more than one so i’ll list my movies below and the reasons why:

  • Snow White: As a kid, I was TERRIFIED of the dark. So terrified that I would turn on all of the hall lights before going upstairs just to make sure all the monsters were gone. *insert Snow White here* I watched this movie religiously during the day, but there was something in that witchy voice that haunted me. I had nightly fears that she was lurking in the dark doorways with an apple and that creepy grin (and maybe I still do).
  • The Wizard of Oz: The whole first part of the movie where it’s in the black and white/ sepia colored lens is where the traumatizing happened. C’mon, there’s no way the scene where Miss Gulch is riding her bike in the tornado and then turns into a witch on a broom didn’t give you some sort of nightmare. 
  • The Nightmare Before Christmas: Saving the best and by best, I mean absolute worst one for last. I’ve never watched the movie, but it still terrifies me to this day. It’s just the look of both Jack and Sally that throws me for a loop. What makes my skin crawl the most is when I see younger kids walking around the stores carrying around plush dolls from the movie or watching the movie over and over again. I got the chills just typing that. 

2/19: Wedding Bells Are In The Air
Jenna Dewan and Steve Kazee take their relationship to a new level with an engagement announcement. This couple is also expecting a baby in the Spring! You may know Jenna best for her role in Step Up, where she fell in love with her co-star Channing Tatum. Their marriage lasted eight years and this duo continues to raise their daughter, Everly, together! And then comes her new fiance, Steve Kazee, into her life. He mostly stars on the TV screen and on the theater stage, but his love for her is something so special.

With the beautiful engagement ring in tow, it’s time to plan a wedding! This wedding can go one or two ways.First, the Wedding Crashers way where the some divorce mediators crash the celebration and make themselves the star of the show. Or maybe this celebration goes on the road and makes it a Destination Wedding (fingers crossed that Keanu makes an appearance). Which ever way Jenna and Steve plan their big day, just note that if Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates, count me 100% in!

Weekly Movie Round-up

DownhillPete (Will Ferell) and Billie (Miranda Otto) go on a skiing trip with their family. It’s all fun until an avalanche approaches and Pete runs away leaving his entire family behind. Billie is now re-evaluating this marriage and Pete is watching it all fall apart in the blink of an eye. There’s nothing better than a Will Ferell comedy so if you’re looking for a good laugh this weekend, check this one out!

A Beautiful Day in the NeighborhoodLloyd Vogel follows around the one and only Fred Rogers for an journalism assignment. Lloyd is initially skeptical of the task at hand, but he finds that the love, kindness, and caring heart that Fred has is contagious. The empathy that Mr. Rogers spreads throughout the neighborhood quickly changes Vogel’s outlook on life and the journey they go on is unforgettable. As a 90s kid, this one is a must see for anyone who grew up in Mr. Rogers living room. Find this one at the Box and On Demand today!

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