2/9/20: The Oscars
The Academy Awards aka The Oscars hit prime-time TV with a little over 23 million people tuning in to Hollywood’s biggest night! There were laughs, tears, and a lot of award winning. The biggest winners of the night include Joker with 2 wins, 1917 with 3 wins, and Ford v Ferrari with 2 wins. Foreign film, Parasite, was the biggest winner of the night taking 4 Oscars home with Best Picture being one of them!

My favorite moment of the night? Well, there were most definitely two (I’m the WORST when it comes to making decisions). The first is when Parasite filmmaker, Bong Joon-ho, took his two Oscar awards and held them together to make them kiss. It was such a small moment to the entire night, but if I was him, I probably would have done the same thing. Award shows like this allow everyone to let loose and let the world know who they truly are off camera. Like Maya Rudolph and Kristen Wiig when they decided to sing a song about songs that mention clothing items while presenting the award for Costume Design. Speaking of this dynamic duo, if we don’t get another Bridesmaids sequel, I may cry because that is hands down one of the BEST rom-coms out there!

2/10/20: #BroomStickChallenge
On Monday, a tweet went viral with a user posting a video of their broom standing up by itself in the middle of the room. This came with claims that NASA (yes, that NASA) said that broomsticks can only stand up by itself only on February 10th due to the Earth’s gravitational pull. Now, this claim is completely false because a broom can stand like this any day of the year, but Twitter users took this challenge and ran wild with it. I’m not going to lie, I got lost in all the videos that people were posting and was highly fascinated with knowing that cool things like this happen each day that we are oblivious to. 

But if we’re talking about a real #BroomStickChallenge, shouldn’t we be talking about iconic movie scenes that focus around the broomstick? Like the scene in Mrs. Doubtfire where she’s playing the epic guitar solo from ‘Dude Looks Like A Lady’ in the hallway with a yellow broomstick. Or a scene from any Harry Potter movie where they’re flying around the field playing Quidditch. But my all-time favorite broomstick cameo is in Hocus Pocus when the Sanderson sisters come flying into the night on their favorite method of transportation.

2/12/20: Ohio 2?
Yes, I said Ohio 2. NBC Sports writer, Craig Calcaterra, took to Twitter to share a map that his 16-year-old daughter was working on for a school assignment. Some highlights of this newly created world include Minnesota being renamed to East Dakota, Texas and Idaho being lengthened, and New Hampshire and Vermont being combined to create New Hampsmont. But by far the best addition to this map is the 4 corner states being replaced with ‘Ohio 2’ which is just another Ohio just hanging out in the middle of these states. 

Reading this entire Twitter thread had got me thinking about how important accurate maps really are. Take Pirates of the Carribean for instance, there’s no way that Captain Jack Sparrow would be able to navigate those waters without a map guiding the way. And The Goonies would have never maneuvered through the underground world to make it back to land without a map (and each other, of course)! Don’t think I wouldn’t forget about National Treasure. Nicolas Cage and his mighty crew relied on many different maps to get them to the treasure that they thought they would never find. 

Weekly Movie Round-up

Sonic the Hedgehog After a long awaited release into theaters, Sonic and his new BFF Tom team up to defend Earth from the evil Dr. Robotnik. His plans for world domination are big, so this duo must create a strategy to save the world. The role of Jim Carrey as Dr. Robotnik alone makes this one a must see for any action, gaming fan, or family film lover!

Ford v Ferrari In the 1960s racing was on the minds of many. Enzo Ferrari’s racing career and his company were know as the best. Henry Ford sees this success and wants in and proposes a merger with Ferrari. They meet and the merger doesn’t happen, but this only has fuel to the fire under Ford’s success driven mindset. Take a ride in the fast lane and rent Ford v Ferrari at the Box or On Demand today!

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