2/2/20: The Super Bowl
Football’s biggest and last weekend of the season took the stage on Sunday night. The Chiefs and 49ers played for their chance to hoist the trophy high in front of millions of their dedicated fans. The game was back and forth for the first 2 quarters where they went into half-time tied at 10-10. NOW ENTER JLO AND SHAKIRA. They took the half-time show to another level with show-stopping performance that people are STILL talking about. J.Lo showed off her Hustlers training and reminded us all that Jenny from the Block still has still got it! And sure, their performance was a little crazy with the outfit changes and dancing, but they laid it all out on the field and showed the world that nothing can stop them! The game then resumed for a heart-pounding thirty more football minutes where the Kansas City Chiefs came out victorious at SuperBowl LIV. 

But didn’t we all come out victorious as well with all the pretty epic commercials playing? I’m going to highlight the three commercials that I can’t get out of my head:

Google || Loretta
This amazingly crafted commercial said so much by saying so little. It featured the voice of an elderly gentleman asking his Google Assistant to remember things about his late wife. The commercial goes on where he’s reminiscing on their relationship where you can tell how much they loved each other dearly. It then cuts to a reel of everything that his Assistant had remembered for him, which got millions of people shedding tears.  

Watching this one over and over again had given me instant flashbacks to the love story that Noah and Allie had in The Notebook. There’s nothing more pure and wholesome than a love that knows no bounds. Romance says with you for just about forever even when your true love is no longer by your side.

Rocket Mortgage || Jason Momoa
Jason, known for his iconic role as Aquaman, hit the Super Bowl screen for another iconic performance. He teamed up with Rocket Mortgage to let everyone know who he truly is. He states that ‘home is the one place he can get his guard down’ and I was TOTALLY with him on that. But then he did something where my jaw was continuously dropped for the rest of the commercial. Walking through the house, he took off his shoes, and THEN HIS ARM MUSCLES. Excuse me, what?! After that, the abs and hair came off as well leaving him looking fifty years older and unrecognizable. Thank goodness that this is only a commercial and Jason is still rocking his muscular body with his long glorious hair!

Hyundai || Smaht Pahk:
I’ve saved the best for last with my number one commercial from this year’s Super Bowl. First of all, let’s talk about the cast for this which included Chris Evans, John Krasinski, Rachel Dratch. They’re back in Boston where the accents run wild and the cars park themselves. I for one was laughing the entire time through this commercial due to the dynamic of this trio. There’s nothing better than a few good friends standing on a sidewalk yelling about people’s parking skills. This one was a clear 10/10 and would take the award home for ‘Best Super Bowl Commercial of 2020’ (yes, I just made that award up and I’m not sorry about it)!

But this commercial really got me thinking….we desperately need a movie with John Krasinski and Chris Evans. The on-screen chemistry that they shared was contagious and it made me feel like I knew them personally. Maybe we can get a plot line like Zac Efron and Seth Rogen have in Neighbors. Or maybe a duo like Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill in 21 Jump Street. Either way here, all I’m saying is that I never needed a movie to happen more than this one.

Weekly Movie Round-up

Birds of PreyHarley Quinn is out in Gotham post breakup with her boyfriend, the Joker. She is unprotected and on the run from the target that’s been put on her back. Harley finds comfort in Huntress, Black Canary and Renee Montoya and they join together to take Roman Sionis down! I’ve seen nothing but AMAZING reviews for Birds of Prey (And The Fantabulous Emancipation Of One Harley Quinn) so do yourself a favor and see this one ASAP!

Doctor SleepIn this sequel to ‘The Shining’, Dan Torrance becomes friends with a teen that shares similar psychic abilities as he does. Together they join forces to battle a cult, known as The True Knot, to prevent them from exploiting children with supernatural powers. This one has been a HOT rental this week, so if you’re looking to bring a horror movie night into your weekend, this one is a MUST see!

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