As the Frozen II soundtrack plays pretty much every day at my house, I have its songs memorized and can honestly say that I like all of them. You know how every album or soundtrack usually has at least one song you always forward past? There’s no track I skip past on Frozen II.

But in honor of the movie hitting the Box this week, I wanted to challenge myself to figure out which songs I like the most (which was easy) and which I’d rank the lowest (very tough). Note that I didn’t include the three end-credit covers in this list.

Here’s where I ended up! I welcome debate on this because I honestly keep going back and forth on these rankings and took this way too seriously.

  1. “Show Yourself” – Yes, Elsa’s (Idina Menzel) other song edged out the Oscar nominee for me because: a) I always tear up when I hear/sing it, b) it cleverly weaves in two of the other songs on the soundtrack, and c) I think “You are the one you’ve been waiting for all of your life” is one of the best lyrics of any Disney song, makes a little progress toward undoing the outdated Disney Princess stereotypes of the past, and encapsulates what I loved so much about this sequel.
  • “Into the Unknown” – Make no mistake, I love this song just as much as my #1 pick, but “Show Yourself” has those great lyrics going for it that tipped the scale in its favor. Plus, this song got all the awards-season love, so I know it’ll be OK after my snub. This has become a song I work out to, believe it or not (it’s very upbeat and motivating!), and it also holds a special place in my heart because my 4-year-old daughter and I always do the four coordinated “magic-throwing moves” that Elsa does during the “Are you out there? Do you know me? Can you feel me? Can you show me?” part.
  • “When I Am Older” – I surprised myself by ranking this one so high. No offense to Olaf (or Josh Gad, for that matter), but his voice kind of grates on my nerves. However, my kids still laugh their heads off every single time at the “Samantha?” part, as well as when Olaf screams. And since there is nothing better than kids giggling and no parent can ever get enough of it, I have to give this song its due.
  • “Lost in the Woods” – I felt like a lunatic at the press screening of Frozen II, on top of really old, because I was the only one doubling over in my seat and laughing during the ‘80s-ballad-video sequence that was Kristoff’s (Jonathan Groff) time to shine. I’m seeing Weezer in concert this summer and am going to be SO psyched if they play their cover version of this that was on the soundtrack!
  • “The Next Right Thing” – Anna’s (Kristen Bell) big solo has lyrics so dark, I was shocked they made it into the movie — and a Disney movie at that. But the song’s message is a powerful one, and quite uplifting and hopeful … after you make it through the somber beginning. It follows Anna’s internal struggle as she faces deep losses and embraces her grief, while slowly coming to realize that she will be OK on her own if she chooses to focus on simply doing the next right thing.
  • “All is Found” – While I like this lullaby by Anna and Elsa’s mother (Evan Rachel Wood), it’s the one my daughter always wants to skip. So for that reason — and the fact I don’t like its line about drowning — I couldn’t rate it higher.
  • “Some Things Never Change” – The opening song of the movie is sung by the full cast and sets the stage for the audience, filling us in on what’s happened with each of the Frozen characters since the previous movie, and giving hints about the themes to come. I like it just fine, but it doesn’t move me in any way like the others do.
  • “Reindeers Are Better Than People (continued)” – Is this really even a song? It’s only a few lines that harken back to Kristoff’s number from the first film, but it’s listed on the soundtrack so I felt compelled to include it. So I guess in reality it was really easy to pick my least-favorite song in the movie!

OK, let’s hear it. How would you have rearranged this list?

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