1/26/20: #RIPMamba
The death of one of the NBA greats had shook the entire world. Even though we all didn’t know Kobe Bryant personally, he inspired every one in some sort of way. Kobe lived his life the way that we all wish to by finding a career path that he loved, a family that he absolutely adored, and spreading kindness and encouragement to others. I’ve never watched him play or even been to an NBA game for that matter, but you didn’t have to be in his moments for him to inspire yours. The outpouring of love and condolences from friends, fans, and people touched by this tragedy have been comforting during this time of sadness.  

With this, I’ll leave you with my all time favorite Kobe quote that can inspire you to live both in the present and the future to create the best life you can.

“Have a good time. Life is too short to get bogged down and be discouraged. You have to keep moving. You have to keep going. Put one foot in front of the other, smile and just keep on rolling.”

1/27/20: Can We Talk About The Bachelor For A Second?
I’m not one to watch this kind of Reality TV (I’m more of the MTV’s The Challenge kind of girl), but this show is getting out of hand reallllll quick. When I tell you that I know as little as possible about this show, I mean LITTLE as possible. I’ll list what I know from context below:

  1. There’s too many girls trying to date the same guy living in the same house together
  2. The producers L I V E for the drama 
  3. One girl is deemed the winner with an enormous engagement ring that she gives back six months later when they break up

But this week, I read some headlines that caught my attention. The producers purposely made Chase Rice (who is one of the sweetest and most genuine guys I’ve met) perform for a date for a girl HE KNEW. If that isn’t the biggest jaw dropping plot twist of them all, then I don’t know what is. Speaking of plot twists, I can’t be the only one who thinks that the Bachelor mansion probably looks like the scene in Mean Girls when they aren’t filming. I just imagine all the girls are going at each other in the school hallway while Regina just looks on when the cameras stop rolling. I know this isn’t the last drama filled moment for this season so I’ll just put my Hunger Games three finger salute to the sky and wish all the participants the best of luck.

1/28/20: Brad Is Back Again
Another week and another great Brad Pitt moment. During a luncheon for 2020 Oscar nominees, Brad showed up with a name tag that read ‘BRAD PITT Actor In A Supporting Role, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’. Honestly, Brad Pitt has become my new favorite celeb (sorry Kevin Hart) just with his subtle jokes that keep me laughing for weeks. I never want award season to end because Brad Pitt is doing the greatest things (and winning some much deserved awards too)!

This is the kind of behavior that our good old pal Tony Stark would participate in. Going to an event where everyone knows his name and wearing a name tag that says ‘Iron Man‘ just so everyone knows how important he is. I hope that Brad keeps this confidence vibe going strong because it’s super inspiring and I may just start walking around the office with my own name tag.

Weekly Movie Round-up

The Rhythm SectionBlake Lively and Jude Law are hitting the box office this weekend with their new film, The Rhythm Section. Blake plays Stephanie Patrick, a woman whose family’s death doesn’t seem like an accident to her. She is out for revenge in a self-destructive path where she sets to find those who are responsible. Blake Lively is hands down one of my favorite actresses (I still RAVE about A Simple Favor), so this one is a must see for any thriller movie lover!

Terminator: Dark Fate The Terminator is back again two decades after the first Terminator movie was brought into the cinema world. Sarah and Connor join together with  cybernetically-enhanced sidekicks to protect a young girl from the dystopian future. This movie contains all the action that you want and need in a Terminator movie and MORE! Terminator: Dark Fate needs to be your next movie rental. Good thing that is now at the Box and On Demand! 😉

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