First It Was Jeffree Star and Nathan Schwandt
This one hit the YouTube world pretty hard with this shocking relationship news. Beauty guru Jeffree Star and his longtime boyfriend, Nathan called it quits after five years of dating. This duo has been together through the ups and downs and relied on one another when the going got tough. Jeffree’s emotional video shows how heartbroken he is and how break-ups are never easy for anyone.

How is he coping? Maybe he’s channeling his inner Elle Woods and stays laying in bed while eating chocolates and then screaming ‘LIAR’ while throwing them at the TV. Or maybe take a page from Jennifer Garner’s role in 13 Going On 30 and put some Whitney Houston in the speakers, get your best glow on, and take the world by storm! Either way, we’re rooting for you Jeffree and hope you heal from this soon.

And Then Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler
2020 is now officially cancelled with the news of Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler breaking up after 9 years of dating. This couple has been long distance for quite some time and it seems like the distance just got to be too much. Maybe if Austin wrote letters like Noah did to Allie in The Notebook, they would still be in love and the iconic celeb couple would still be going strong.

Speaking of movie romances, did anyone else have instant flashbacks of when Troy and Gabriella broke up in High School Musical 2?! Gotta Go My Own Way still rips my heart out of my chest and makes me want to cry into a pint of ice cream. Hopefully Vanessa and Austin will get the same outcome and Troy and Gabriella do and live happily ever after.

1/11/20: Bye Bye Bye Turns 20
How is this ICONIC song turning 20 already?! I can still remember jumping on my bed singing along with my *NSYNC boys pretending that I was auditioning for the music video. Bye Bye Bye has impacted everyone in some sort of way. It’s been in so many TV spots like in the show Scrubs, a Super Bowl commercial, and in the movie Crossroads. I hope that I have successfully gotten this one stuck in your head (I see you doing the Bye Bye Bye hand movements while reading this)!

Leave it to Justin Timberlake to turn the Bye Bye Bye into Hi Hi Hi when he broke into the acting world. His singing career soared into new heights with his role as Branch in Trolls (insert Can’t Stop the Feeling! that is also now stuck in your head). Now that you’ve got this party going on in your head, jump on the bar like Jane and Kevin do in 27 Dresses and get your feel good karaoke on!

1/13/20: Astros World Series Scandal
It’s been a quiet baseball off-season…until now. The MLB has concluded their investigation into the 2017 Astros sign-stealing accusation. They found that this is in fact true and agreed that manager AJ Hinch and GM Jeff Luhnow would be suspended for one year. Astros owner Jim Crane wanted none of this in his house and decided to fire them both less than an hour later. 

Does this mean that we can’t watch Jim Morris live his Texas baseball dream in The Rookie anymore?! I hope this isn’t the case because Dennis Quaid is forever. But if the Astros really needed help winning, why didn’t they enlist the help of Moneyball‘s Billy Beane? He had outsmarted the other teams in the league by stacking the odds in his favor. Either way you put it, the Astros certainly had some help in winning a World Series and it wasn’t the Angels in the Outfield.

1/15/20: A Green Puppy Is Born
Green puppy?! Yep, I’m just as shocked as you are. A German Shepard momma gave birth to a healthy litter of 8 pups. But one was MUCH different than the other because this little guy came out green! This green hint to his fur happens from time to time when it gets stained from meconium. Even though the green color will fade in the upcoming months, he has definitely become a show-stopper!

The pup’s family named him Hulk and we couldn’t think of a more fitting name! Just like The Hulk, he’s super sweet on the outside, but isn’t afraid of a little attention. So when this pup’s fur goes back to blonde, does that mean he gets to change his name? Will the puppy go as Bruce or Banner? Will he be constantly ripping off his leash and collar? Only time will tell….

Weekly Movie Round-up

Like A Boss – BFFs Mia (Tiffany Haddish) and Mel (Rose Byrne) built their own company together from the ground up, but now they’re in a little over their heads. In this comedy, these friends are put to the ultimate test and we’re buckled into this friendship roller coaster ride! I for one LOVE any thing that Tiffany Haddish stars in (there’s no way you didn’t laugh through the entire Girls Trip movie) so this one us a MUST see for me! 

Gemini Man – In this newly released Will Smith movie, he plays both leading roles as Henry (an elite 51-year-old assassin) and his younger clone, Junior, in this action packed sci-fi movie. I’m ALL for a good Will Smith movie because he is just incredible in every role he puts himself into. Add this one into the must-see Will Smith bucket list, because this one will for sure will be the talk of the town! Start your weekend off right by catching this one both at the Box and On Demand NOW.

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