Now here’s one of those silly made-up “holidays” that I can get behind: belly laugh day! Apparently it is always celebrated today, January 24, and technically you’re supposed to let out a huge belly laugh at precisely 1:24 p.m.

BUT since I don’t think anyone is policing how you celebrate, I’m going to make some recommendations to help you keep the mood light all day long and inspire joy in other people as well.

  • Randomly text 10 (or more!) friends you haven’t talked to in a while “🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣” with no other context and see what happens. If they write back and are like, “What tha…” you can respond “It’s global belly laugh day!”
  • Then do the same thing to a bunch of other friends, only this time insert the craziest gifs you can find instead of the emojis. Compare results to see which text got the biggest reactions and plan to do something similar again next January 24!
  • Prepare a bunch of tame (or lame) knock-knock jokes to recite to your kids, your co-workers or really anyone you interact with today. In some cases this may elicit groans rather than giggles, but it’s still worth a try.
  • Organize a belly laughing flash mob.
  • Think about times in the past when someone or something made you laugh until you cried. I know my extended family has a lot of stories like this. Then call up or shoot a text to the person you experienced that moment with and remind them of it. It might just cause you both to get silly all over again.
  • See if you can get some strangers you come across today to smile. (No need to weird them out by trying to get them to full-on laugh — the point of today is just to be happy and spread that mood.)

May your sides split with laughter at least once today!

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