“She looks like that one singer … remember, she was a host on American Idol?”

This is what my husband said to me as we watched an extremely RIGHT AND TIGHT, 95% naked woman slither around on a pole at the beginning of Hustlers (which just arrived at the Box and Redbox On Demand this week).

“Do you mean J.Lo?” I replied, frustrated. “Yeah, yeah—doesn’t she look like her?” he asked again.

“IT IS HER, YOU FOOL!!!!” I exploded. But it only got worse.

“But isn’t she like 50 or something?” he wondered, perplexed.

“Yes. YES SHE IS.” I pouted, and slouched down further in my ratty old pajamas and terry-cloth robe. Little did I know there was a Saturday Night Live bit focusing on this exact same mind-blowing piece of trivia during her host monologue this past weekend (you can see it right before the 2-minute mark here).

But the thing is, as jealous and incredulous as I may be over Jennifer Lopez’s extreme, uh, fitness, I can’t be mad at her. Because—and yes I realize she is an actress and all—she’s just one of those people that does truly seem like a nice person in “real life.” She can somehow pull off seeming like a total badass and the girl next door simultaneously. And she is damn good in Hustlers—so much so that she just received Golden Globe, Critics’ Choice and Screen Actors Guild nominations for her work. There is even talk of a possible Oscar nod. AN OSCAR NOD FOR JENNY FROM THE BLOCK!!!???

But Hustlers isn’t the only thing she has going on right now to make everyone else green with envy. She just finished up a concert tour, launched her 25th (!!!) new fragrance, snagged the Super Bowl half-time show this coming February (which will also feature Shakira), has new music coming out, is marrying A-Rod … well, if he’ll forgive her for this tryst with her roadie Chad (Pete Davidson), this … and … OK, there is literally so much she’s doing I think I have to narrow down the focus of this list.

Let’s stick to her work on the screen. Movie-wise, she’ll next be seen opposite Owen Wilson in the rom-com Marry Me. But then she’ll be taking a more serious turn once again when she stars in another true story (did you know Hustlers is based on a true story?)—this one about the rise and fall of female Colombian drug lord Griselda Blanco. Lopez will be playing Blanco! On the small screen, she’s already signed on to star as Rosie Alvarez in NBC’s live version of Bye Bye Birdie, but there’s still no date set for it to air because they have been having a hard time working around—you guessed it—J.Lo’s cray-cray schedule.

Though I am jealous of Lopez, I also find her incredibly inspiring. Not only for everything she manages to pack into a day and all of the different businesses she’s running like a boss to add up to a net worth of $400 million (!!!), but also for how much she gives back to causes she believes in, which could fill another entire post on their own.

So happy belated birthday, J.Lo. I can’t wait to see what you pull off in 2020!

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