Before you cynically dismiss World Television Day as just another one of those made-up “holidays” that give people an excuse to do stuff they already like doing, I need to inform you that World Television Day is totally legit! We may not choose to celebrate it in the exact spirit it was intended, but it seriously is a real thing. Back in 1996, the United Nations proclaimed November 21 as World Television Day in order to highlight the role the medium has in providing and disseminating information about critical issues that affect all of us.

We agree that television plays an important part in making people aware of what’s going on in their neighborhoods, their cities, their states, their countries and the world at large. But we’d also argue that now — more than 20 years after World Television Day first came to be — TV’s role in people’s lives has expanded significantly.

Now people play games on their TVs, watch movies on their TVs, run apps through their TVs and gather around the TV as a family for their favorite shows. The latest statistics show that on average, each household in the country owns about 2.3 televisions. Our lives are clearly intertwined with our TVs, and we rely on them for much more than just the news.

To celebrate World Television Day, we invite you to browse through all of our excellent TV series offerings. What’s that, you say? You thought Redbox was only about movies and games? You are WRONG, dear sir! We offer a ton of popular TV series and mini-series through Redbox on Demand. Here are some standouts:

America To Me – In this 10-episode series focused on a high school in Oak Park, Illinois, Oscar-nominated director Steve James chronicles the daily lives of 12 students across all of the school’s grades. This outstanding and thought-provoking miniseries earned the highest Metacritic score of any series in 2018 – “Universal Acclaim.” Find out why!

American Gods – The first-season adaptation of fantasy author Neil Gaiman’s novel holds a 92% Rotten Tomatoes ratings thanks to its stellar cast (Ian McShane, Gillian Anderson) and impressive visuals depicting a growing conflict between the Old Gods and the New Gods (media, technology, globalization, etc).

Prison Break –I have to respect the undying, bordering-on-obsessive love Prison Break fans have for this series. See why this five-season story about two brothers (one’s been wrongly imprisoned; the other is trying to free him) has such a following, and why a sixth season is finally in the works.

Atlanta – The ultra-talented Donald Glover created and stars in this Emmy and Golden Globe winning series about two cousins trying to make their mark on Atlanta’s rap scene. See why critics have hailed the show as cinematic and wholly original.

Breaking Bad – I think Breaking Bad is the best TV series of all time. Its 16 Emmys would agree. And we’ve got all 6 seasons! This is one of the only TV series I’ve ever rewatched — it’s just that good. (PS – We also have its prequel of sorts, Better Call Saul.)

Justified – And finally I’m going to call out a series I’ve actually never watched but really, really want to because sooooooo many people have told me I’d love it. And because I adore everything else Walton Goggins has ever been in, yet have still not seen the show that earned him an Emmy nod. If you aren’t aware, this is a crime drama about Deputy U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens (Timothy Oliphant), who brings his own special brand of justice to the town of Harlan, Kentucky.

Hope you and your TV enjoy this special day!

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