No matter how horrifying Jason’s mask is, or how sharp Freddy Krueger’s blades are, it’s nothing compared to the slow, tense and all-too real creepiness of a stalker movie.

Halloween is the perfect time to get that someone’s-following-me feeling. It comes through in the new movie “The Fanatic,” in which John Travolta plays an autistic Angeleno obsessed with an action-horror star. What starts out as innocent idol worship quickly spins into something much more dangerous… and bloody. It’s directed by Fred Durst (frontman of the rap-rock band Limp Bizkit) and some scenes have a mesmerizing music-video feel.

After you watch “The Fanatic,” don’t miss our Top 5 Stalker Movies. (Best when watching with the lights out, obviously.)

1. The Gift
This 2015 Jason Bateman chiller went largely under the radar. But its story of a high-school bully confronted by his past (in the form of a former classmate with secrets to spill) is worth a look — now more than ever.

2. One Hour Photo
As a photo clerk in a mall, Sy (played by Robin Williams) gets personal views into the lives of others. He takes a special liking to one family … which, spoiler alert, doesn’t end well. Replace camera film with social media feeds, and this 2002 film is still so relevant.

3. Swimfan
Don’t dismiss it as a silly teen scream. “Swimfan,” released in 2002, pulls back layer after layer to reveal what’s triggering Madison (played by Erika Christiansen) to chase after swim team star Ben (Jesse Bradford).

4. Single White Female
You didn’t think we’d forget this one, did you? Bridget Fonda gets an all-too-clingy roommate (Jennifer Jason Leigh) in this 1992 thriller that gets more menacing by the minute.

5. Fatal Attraction
The mama of all stalker movies, this 1987 classic throws a manic Glenn Close on the trail of Michael Douglas. Their one-night stand definitely flipped the obsession switch for Close’s character, book editor Alex. Blood is shed. Rabbits are cooked.

Did we miss one of your favorites? Let us know in the comments!

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