Earlier this month on September 2, it seemed like the whole world took a collective time‐out to show some love and appreciation for Keanu Reeves on his 55th birthday. And, of course, a lot of the posts and tweets and memes about him that day expressed disbelief in the fact that, like Paul Rudd, the man just does not seem to age.

I’ve been a Keanu fan from the beginning, as Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure came out during my most formative years in high school and has influenced the way I talk to this day (which I admit probably isn’t a good thing). So I am reveling in what’s been dubbed “the Keanaissance” of 2019, where everyone finally seems to be appreciating the down‐to‐earth actor for the great guy he’s been all along.

What’s behind the Keanaissance is a well‐timed convergence of high‐profile movie roles and announcements about even more highly anticipated future work. This year we’ve been treated to John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum (at the Box and On Demand on September 10!), which many feel is the best film in the successful franchise. Then you had Keanu voicing the hilarious Duke Caboom in a shout‐out to his Canadian roots in Toy Story 4, which is the highest‐grossing film of his career. On top of that was his surprise appearance in the Netflix romantic comedy Always Be My Maybe, in which he plays himself and embraces his reputation as an impossibly charming “dream boyfriend.”

But perhaps what’s propelled Keanu into the stratosphere of popularity this year is the fact that he’s signed on for two movies that seem almost too good to be true: Bill & Ted Face the Music, the fourth film in the franchise that began in 1989, and The Matrix 4, which no one ever considered a real possibility until suddenly it was, a full two decades after the game‐changing original came out in 1999. For both films, Keanu will be pairing up with his original co‐stars: Alex Winter in Bill & Ted and Carrie‐Anne Moss in The Matrix. It’s all got me downright giddy.

Add in all of Reeves’ do‐gooding (Google it!), charity work, his upcoming work in the roleplaying game Cyberpunk 2077, a fourth John Wick film coming out in 2021, and so much more (seriously, he’s done everything from playing in (two different) bands to contributing to a book), and you can see why it’s likely that the Keanaissance is not just going to be a 2019 thing.

Why do you love Keanu Reeves? Here are all the Redbox movies he’s in if you need a reminder! (You definitely don’t need a reminder.)

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