Last month when I was at San Diego Comic‐Con, I waited in line for nearly 3 hours to go into the Pokémon: Detective Pikachu “experience.” It was a huge trailer set up for fans to be able to walk through Ryme City and various settings from the movie. Was it worth the wait? Not for me personally, but the videos and pictures I was able to send to my kids afterward had them in awe, so clearly I would still do it all over again.

Our whole family enjoyed the movie when it hit theaters, and my Pokémon‐obsessed son is especially happy now that it’s come to the Box and Redbox On Demand. That’s because so many of his favorite characters were brought to life in the film that it was hard to “catch ‘em all” (GET IT?) without a pause button. (In fact, we just got Detective Pikachu from the Box and as I write this my son’s sitting next to me, armed with a remote control to be able to freeze the screen at will.)

Here are the 5 characters my kids were most excited to see in the movie:

  • Pikachu – Duh, right? We have so many stuffed animal Pikachus and Pikachu key-chains and stickers and books and lunchboxes and water bottles around here that we could probably start our own walk-through “experience.” But the fact that Ryan Reynolds voices the cute little guy in the movie brings another dimension to the character that none of us expected.
  • Psyduck – Harried parents everywhere will identify with this perpetually stressed‐out duck‐like creature, who literally explodes when things get too intense for him. He has a major role in the movie and it’s pretty funny!
  • Mewtwo – Should I be worried that my son was cheering for Mewtwo when this genetically engineered cat‐and‐human‐looking Pokémon was framed as the bad guy of the movie?
  • Charizard – Since my son was Charizard for Halloween last year, you can be sure that we all cheered when this gigantic lizard‐dragonish Pokémon showed up on screen … in an underground battle against poor Pikachu!
  • Snorlax – I hadn’t heard of this creature before the movie, but it’s a big blue and white teddybear‐looking Pokémon that has a strong affinity for sleeping. You can see one blocking Ryme City traffic as it snores away, oblivious to the chaos it’s causing. My kids thought that was hilarious.

There are nearly 100 different Pokémon characters represented in Detective Pikachu. Which ones are you hoping to spot?

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