If you’ve played a Ghost Recon game, you’re probably accustomed to entering missions with all the guns, gadgets, gear, and intel needed to complete your objectives. The latest entry in the Tom Clancy-based tactical shooter series looks to take you out of that comfort zone.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint once again puts players in the boots of elite spec ops soldiers, but strips them of the resources these heroes usually rely on. Dropped on a fictional island in the Pacific Ocean and left for dead, you must fend for yourself from the get-go.

The game’s ambitious narrative introduces the franchise’s most formidable enemy to date, a faction of ex-Ghosts dubbed the “Wolves.” Lead by main antagonist Cole D. Walker (played by an especially menacing Jon Bernthal,) the rogue group has taken over Skell Technologies and reprogrammed the Silicon Valley-like company’s military drones to do their bidding. As bad as all that sounds, though, the Wolves and their autonomous robot army only scratch the surface of what players are up against.

The franchise’s new, survival-focused take will also see you fighting the elements and environment, from harsh weather conditions to unforgiving terrain. Breakpoint’s aim to offer a more authentic experience will subject players to injury, hunger, thirst, fatigue, stress, and more. Run too fast down a steep hill, and you could be left with a limp-inducing fracture; take a bullet to the shoulder, and you may not be able to properly hold your weapon. Whether your stamina’s suffering due to a lack of food or a flesh wound’s affecting your performance, it’ll take more than a glowing health pack to get your Ghost back on their feet.

Thankfully, Breakpoint‘s also introducing bivouacs, makeshift military camps that offer beleaguered Ghosts a place to rest and recover between missions. Unlocked as you progress through the sprawling open-world, these temporary safe havens provide a spot to treat ailments, tend to injuries, upgrade weapons and gear, and craft resources from items found in the field. Bivouacs are also the perfect place to prep and plan for upcoming objectives, as they offer access to weather reports and other intel. Players can also fast-forward the clock in these respites, allowing them to break camp at a time of day best suited to their next move.

Coolest of all, you can use your downtime at these camps to switch character classes. Disciplines –  including assault, sharpshooter, panther, and engineer – can be selected or swapped anytime at a bivouac, so players can choose a specialization based on the needs of the coming mission. Each class has access to unique skills or gear, such as the stealthy panther’s ability to use smoke grenades or the high-tech engineer’s option to arm a rocket launcher. Like its predecessor, 2017’s Ghost Recon Wildlands, Breakpoint supports four-player online co-op, making this class-swapping system especially enticing for groups looking to build a well-rounded team.

Breakpoint seems to be retaining all the best elements of the popular Wildlands, while also introducing a number of fresh features. The potential dynamic between the harsher survival elements and life-saving bivouac system sound especially promising.

Dare to brave this thrilling new take on Ubisoft’s open-world shooter series when it hits Redbox this Fall.

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