Let’s face it — we wish for things all the time. We wish for our kids to stop constantly squabbling, or our boss to stop micromanaging, or the weather to get better, or to win the lottery. And while our wishes might not always come true, in the movies, anything is possible.

Here are 5 great movies that revolve around someone getting their wish.

Big – In this 1988 comedy, which is one of the most beloved wish‐fulfillment movies, Tom Hanks plays 12‐year‐old Josh, who wishes to be bigger after being told he’s too short for a carnival ride. The next morning he wakes up in the body of a 35 year old and is able to get a job at a famous toy store because of his knack for understanding what kids like. But once the reality of adulthood sinks in, Josh is ready to go back to his more carefree childhood. The question is … can he go back?

13 Going on 30 – It’s a similar premise to Big, only with a female lead: Jennifer Garner plays a 13‐year‐old girl who’s desperate to be popular. However, after being humiliating by the popular clique at school, she wishes to be 30, and the next day wakes up to find that 17 years have passed and she’s gotten her wish. Mark Ruffalo plays her childhood friend all grown up, and if you ever wanted to see Garner and Ruffalo reenact the famous ‘80s “Thriller” video dance, this is the movie for you!

Little – New to the Box and On Demand, this comedy helps us imagine what would happen if Jordan — a childhood bully turned adult bully and awful boss (Regina Hall) — was transformed into a kid again (Marsai Martin) after someone she once picked on wishes it to happen. Will Jordan learn her lesson the second time around? And will those around her, including her overworked assistant (Issa Rae) rally to her cause, or use the opportunity to their advantage?

Liar Liar – It’s a movie premise that strikes fear into the heart of every parent: what would happen if a child wished for his dad, Fletcher (Jim Carrey), to be unable to lie … and that wish actually came true? Fletcher was always making big promises to his son, but the reality was that he usually put work first. Now, Fletcher has no choice but to tell the truth, and it ain’t pretty. Remind yourself why Carrey earned a Golden Globe nomination for his performance in this 1997 comedy!

Serenity – Serenity is a movie shrouded in mystery, and therefore the only title on this list where I can’t actually tell you whose wish comes into play in the plot. But the fact that it stars Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway and Jason Clarke and takes place on a remote island should get your attention and make you curious enough to check it out!

What’s your favorite wish‐fulfillment movie?

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