Superheroes have it all: good looks, superpowers, cool gadgets and tech … and global box office success. We just can’t get enough of them, can we?

But sometimes it’s fun to spend time with superheroes who aren’t your everyday Batman or Wonder Woman or Spider‐Man. Superheroes who come with a twist that makes them stand apart from the rest.

Here are 5 movies about that kind of superhero.

Shazam! – New to the Box and Redbox on Demand, Shazam! tells the story of the teenager Billy Batson (Asher Angel), who realizes he can summon an adult superhero version of himself (Zachary Levi) by shouting … you guessed it … “Shazam!” However, it doesn’t take long for the evil Dr. Thaddeus Sivana (Mark Strong), who experienced something similar to Billy as a boy, to learn about the new hero on the block and become threatened. The hilarious switch from kid to striking classical superhero (compete with tights!), and the fact that Shazam! looks like an adult but is still a teen on the inside, is a great twist on the old “secret identity” formula.

Kick‐Ass (and Kick‐Ass 2) – Sometimes you don’t even have to have actual superpowers to be a superhero. Or at least that’s what the crew in Kick‐Ass believes. They’re just “normal” vigilantes who dress up as characters including Kick‐Ass (Aaron Johnson), Big Daddy (Nicolas Cage), Hit Girl (Chloë Grace Moretz) and Red Mist (Christopher Mintz‐Plasse). It’s ultraviolent black comedy at its best. And Mark Strong plays the bad guy once again!

Glass – The twist in this one is that none of the three superhumans this trilogy‐ender focuses on — David Dunn/The Overseer (Bruce Willis), Elijah Price/Mr. Glass (Samuel L. Jackson) or Kevin Wendell Crumb/The Horde (James McAvoy) — originally knew they had powers. And, two of the three aren’t using those powers for good. On top of that, everyone else just thinks they’re crazy. Those doubters are about to learn the truth the hard way…

Birdman – This Oscar‐winning Best Picture focuses on Riggan Thomson, a fading actor (Michael Keaton) who used to play a popular superhero: Birdman. As Riggan struggles with remaining relevant, it appears as though he himself might have taken on some of his famous alter‐ego’s abilities. It’s a trippy film filled with excellent performances from not only Keaton, but also the A‐list supporting cast including Emma Stone, Ed Norton, Zach Galifianakis, Amy Ryan and Naomi Watts.

Hancock – What if there was a superhero everyone hated? That’s the premise of Hancock, which stars Will Smith as a washed‐up, alcoholic and immortal superhero who the general public is just sick of. But after Hancock saves PR guru Ray (Jason Bateman), Ray becomes determined to turn Hancock’s image around, despite his wife’s (Charlize Theron) intense dislike of the annoying superhero.

Who’s your favorite superhero who doesn’t quite fit the mold?

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