Rage 2 puts players behind an awesome arsenal of guns, grenades, and gadgets – including the fan-favorite, boomerang-like Wingstick. But hand-cannons and high-tech toys only account for part of what the open-world shooter’s protagonist can use to blast bandits to smithereens.

Like the original Rage, the sequel gives players access to Nanotrite technology; unlike its predecessor, however, Rage 2 allows them to unleash the mysterious science like a mutant-wasting weapon of mass destruction. Where Nanotrites were primarily used as a last-ditch, life-saving resource in the first game, they now serve as awesome, super power-like abilities.

Used on their own or as a complement to your more traditional weapons, these table-turning skills – which can be upgraded along your wasteland-wandering path –  offer a variety of offensive and defensive benefits. Whether attempting to take down a mountain-sized monstrosity or make a hasty retreat from a bandit-cluttered camp, Nanotrites have got your back.

You’re certainly welcome to play Rage 2 as a more traditional first-person shooter, filling every foe  with a face full of buckshot. But if you want to feel like a Jedi, Avenger, or some crazy combination of the two, you’ll also want to bring Nanotrites to the battlefield.


A ground pound-like attack that could put the Hulk’s signature smash to shame, Slam allows you to obliterate up-close targets, while stunning their surrounding allies in the process. Of course, once stunned, the remaining enemies are sitting ducks just begging to meet the business end of your Wingstick.

Vortex Grenade

Plenty of video game explosives create black holes capable of sucking nearby enemies into their voids, but Rage 2‘s Vortex Grenade doubles down on this cool concept. Upon vacuuming up its targets, the Nanotrite-powered cocktail spits them back out, leaving them helplessly floating in the air.


As expected, triggering Barrier conjures a beefy, bullet-proof shield. Upgrade the defensive ability, though, and it offers a bonus offensive skill. More specifically, it will turn anyone who touches it into ground beef.


Shatter blows its targets backwards in a fashion that’d make a skilled Jedi proud. This Nanotrite ability takes its Force-like power a step further, however, by also stripping armor and other protective gear off enemies.


The Double-jump pretty much works as advertised, but it’s still a far cry from Super Mario’s platforming move. The versatile acrobatic skill can get you to high cover points in a hurry, evade unexpected attacks, or simply help you propel your foot into an enemy’s ugly face.


Similar to Double-jump, Dash is more of a navigational Nanotrite ability, great for reaching targets in a hurry or avoiding incoming attacks. It’s also perfect for stealthy players looking to surprise enemies with sneaky, up-close kills.

Regardless of how you intend to play Rage 2, a Redbox rental ($3/night or $7/ three nights) is your ticket to the wasteland.

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