From photo booth to nostalgic food, it’s all backyard bonding fun.

Summertime. And the kids are crazy. Answer the call of “Mooom, what should I do nooow?” with some good old-fashioned bonding time. The best way to do it? Plan a Movie Night around one of summer’s hottest releases, “Wonder Park.”

The movie follows a young, future inventor June who discovers her dream amusement park is real. But when trouble hits, she takes her animal friends on an epic adventure to save the park. And that’s when June and her misfit team of furry friends begin an unforgettable journey to save the park. Action-packed and brimming with laughs, Wonder Park is a ride the whole family will love.

A backyard Movie Night will definitely get you bonding with your whole crew. Here’s how to pull it all off and get the kids revved up about the movie’s playful rollercoaster of a storyline.

The invite & big entrance: By mail or email, send everyone a special “admission ticket.” Print on it: “You’re invited to a “Wonder Park” Movie Night. Bring this ticket and enjoy the ride!” Get a volunteer to be the ticket taker at the door (or gate to the backyard) on the big night. Everyone entering hands over their ticket and gets a cute rollercoaster hand stamp.

The photo booth: Next stop: Guests get their picture taken in front of an amusement park-themed backdrop. (You can buy one at the store or use craft paper to draw your own as a family.) In front of the backdrop, have a cardboard box (cut open on top) decorated like a rollercoaster car, using markers, colored construction paper, etc. You can put a sign on the front of the cart with ”Wonder Park Party 2019!” or “Movie Night Mania 2019”). Have the kids or the whole family sit in the cart and say “cheese.”

The food & drinks: Rent a cotton candy machine or sno-cone maker. This spread is all about nostalgic theme-park fun. Hot dogs, popsicles, licorice … it’s like Coney Island in your backyard!

The craft & game: End with a craft activity that doubles as a game. Recycle old paper towel and toilet paper rolls and challenge kids to tape them together to form rollercoaster-like twisty-turny chutes and funnels. Then have a race: Have the kids line up their creations and, on the count of three, each drops a marble in the top and everyone sees whose races through the tubes first. Matchbox cars work, too!

Keep the fun going after the party and tell everyone about the Wonder Park interactive website , where you can “color” animals and watch them come to life on screen.

Rent “Wonder Park” On Demand here  or find it at one of the 41,500 Redbox kiosks nationwide.

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