The fantastic LEGO movie sequel — The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part — is now at the Box and On Demand, and I can’t think of a better reason to throw a party.

Here’s what you’ll need to master-build a LEGO party that has everyone exclaiming, “Everything is awesome!” It should go without saying that every LEGO and Duplo you have in your house should be out on display or incorporated into the party in some way!

Everything, and I do mean everything, LEGO – Good news: it’s really simple to make just about any inanimate object look like a LEGO, or to otherwise LEGO-fy it, with materials you likely already have at home. Here are some of the things that you can most easily convert to transform your party area and get everyone in the mood:

  • Any box. Food and cereal boxes, tissue boxes, any box will do. Cover boxes in any solid color of wrapping paper, cut three holes in the top, and then put plastic cups through those holes so that their open tops are facing up (the holes should be small enough so that the cups don’t follow completely through). You could put these around for decorations or use them for snack-serving trays. For an even quicker alternative, skip the holes and cups and tape circle-shaped wrapping or tissue-paper pieces of the same color on top of the boxes so that they pop up a little (meaning don’t tape the circles down, but rather put tape-circles underneath to give a little lift). If you’re crunched for time, just draw the circles on with a marker!
  • Cups. The red Solo cup may have a song dedicated to it, but the yellow version is the hero of this party. Use yellow plastic cups for either drinks or decorations after quickly drawing faces on each with a black marker.
  • Straws. If you have those generic red straws at home, consider cutting out a bunch of LEGO-face-shaped pieces from yellow construction paper, then slicing two short horizontal slits near the top and bottom of each piece. Draw a face in black marker in the middle of each piece and then slide them over the straws for cute and unexpected accents. Maybe you could even try to make each LEGO face look like one of your guests?
  • Soap and sanitizer bottles. If you have clear containers of clear pump-soap or hand sanitizer and are OK with those bottles remaining LEGO-fied after the party, you can drop a handful of LEGOs into the gels, shake them up a bit and watch them suspend in cool formations. Set these pumps around for decorations!

Games and activities – A little pre-movie entertainment is never a bad idea. Here are some ideas to get you started … and don’t forget to have a mix of tunes from all of the various LEGO movie soundtracks on in the background:

  • Spoon race. This one is an alternate of the infamous egg race. Just put a ton of smaller LEGOs in a bucket and have each guest scoop some onto a spoon. Clear a short area for your race, and whoever spills the fewest LEGOs while crossing the finish line wins!
  • Create a minifigure. Organize bottoms, tops, heads, hair and other mini-figure accessorizes into containers and let guests make their own creations. While we’re on the topic of mini-figures, it would be cute to set a few out or have figures posing in unexpected places in your viewing area. Like peeking out from over the remote, hanging onto some pillows or sitting on top of picture frames. See who notices!
  • Replicate a creation. As host, you can build a few different LEGO creations of your own before the party. Ensuring that each guest has enough materials to replicate what you built, let everyone compete to see who can mirror your masterpiece first.
  • Car race. Give each guest a baggie with all different sorts of LEGOs — and LEGO wheels — in it. The goal is to build a LEGO car that they can then race against other guests. All you need for the track is a big piece of cardboard that you can either hold or prop up as a ramp.

Snacks – Self-explanatory! Here are some options to consider:

  • LEGO finger sandwiches. Make bite-sized sandwiches of any type by cutting them into rectangles and then using something like a dab of cream cheese to stick small bread circles onto the top. Voila! Each sandwich looks like a LEGO.
  • LEGO cheese-n-crackers. Cover rectangle-shaped snack crackers with a rectangle of cheese plus three or six cheese circles on top.
  • LEGO-ified utensil holder. OK so this isn’t actually a snack, but it’s for snacks. Build a simple open-ended container out of LEGOs to put forks, knives, spoons or napkins in.
  • LEGO pizza. Cut a pizza in square or rectangle-shaped slices and put pepperoni or other (ideally circle-shaped) toppings on so that they look like the LEGO knobs.
  • Mini cupcakes. Just set a LEGO piece in the frosting on top of each cupcake for a fun touch. (Make sure no one tries to bite into the piece, though!)

After the festivities are over and everyone is ready to settle in, it’s time to see what Emmet, Lucy and their friends have been up to. Enjoy the party and the show!

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