Hey, y’all. It’s me, Ali Davis, back one last time to help you understand what men really want for a perfect date night in. Why should you trust me? Because a freaky, long-nailed Facebook psychic my friends hired for a bachelorette party made me drink an unpalatable tea that endowed me with the ability to hear men’s thoughts. Yes — all their thoughts.

So take it from me and use these insights to fuel the passion in your perfect date night in.

  • An Easy Dinner: Being romantic is difficult when you’re hangry, but nobody wants to spend the night slaving away over the stove alone while their special someone watches TV in the other room. I say make it a together experience! Find a yummy recipe together, head to the market and shop ingredients while holding hands, and then crank up the tunes and simmer up the lovin’ in the kitchen. Afterwards leave the dishes in the sink and grab some steamy cuddles on the couch.   
  • Tasty and Unique Drinks: I fell for my man Will when he took the driver’s seat and instead of taking my drink order at the bar, he took a long look at me and then said he would create a “bespoke cocktail” tailored specifically for me. And let me just tell you — it might just be the best freakin’ drink I’d ever had in my life. Spice up the homelife and bring the bar to your living room. Men love to play bartender at home, too. And ladies, even if your man has never been a professional mixer, I assure you that he will love looking up drinks on the internet, finding one he thinks sounds good, throwing in a splash of lime and then claiming it as a special concoction that’s sure to impress you. Just sit back and let him do the pleasing.
  • The Right Outfit: The best thing about staying home is that you don’t need to bust out any painful heels. But that doesn’t mean I recommend t-shirts and jogging pants, either. A date night in should still be a special occasion, marked by a sexy and sophisticated — but still comfortable — outfit. Think a wrap dress or your favorite jeans and a fitted tee, dressed up with simple jewelry. Men, make sure you are looking sharp too, trust me, it will pay off in the end. If your partner likes you clean-shaven, your face better be smooth! If your partner despises a certain shirt, do not wear that shirt! As far as I’m concerned, you can’t go wrong with black or dark jeans and a freshly pressed button-down. Show your special someone you’ve put some effort in it.
  • The Perfect Setting: Pro tip: no one likes bright lights. Work those dimmers and light those candles. Play some jazz or R&B on in the background to set the mood. After dinner and drinks, you’ll want to settle in on the couch all comfortable. Laying out big accent pillows and a fluffy blanket wide enough to share are a must. Everyone loves snuggling under a blanket, am I right?
  • A Great Movie: Finally, there’s no better way to cap off the evening than with a stellar movie — OK and maybe another drink. Obviously there are nearly limitless choices at the Box or On Demand … you could even filter by the Romance genre if that’s the vibe you want to go for.

But if you’re looking to narrow down your choices and need some suggestions, I’d recommend Nobody’s Fool if you’re looking to laugh, Instant Family if you want something heartwarming, Bumblebee if you’re in the mood for action, or, of course, my movie, What Men Want. It’s got something for everyone: a strong female lead (moi), a hilarious cast of characters (my friends … they’re crazy), some real talk about gender dynamics, and it’s all set in the world of sports.

And with that, I wish you a wonderful date night in. Now go get your special someone to make you a bespoke cocktail!




Want more Ali? Check out What Men Want at the Box or On Demand!

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