When it comes to romantic partners, the saying’s always been that “opposites attract.” But when you’re trying to have a professional relationship with someone, two people with drastically different personalities or approaches to life can certainly cause sparks to fly … in a way that’s bad for them but hilarious for everyone else.

Here are 5 movies featuring odd couples that bring the LOLs:

The Upside – This is the only movie on this list that’s not a “buddy cop” movie, and it’s also the only movie inspired by a true story. Bryan Cranston plays Philip, an extremely wealthy quadriplegic who’s in need of a new caretaker. Kevin Hart plays Dell, a recently paroled convict who reluctantly takes the job. The two men couldn’t have more different backgrounds — and they certainly spar at first — but over time, their bond deepens. You know that since Hart is involved, even the more serious moments eventually end in laughs.

The Nice Guys – This ‘70s-set crime comedy stars Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe as mismatched partners thrown together to find a missing woman. Gosling’s Holland March is an alcoholic mess of a private detective whose 13-year-old daughter is much smarter, more ethical and more mature than he is. Crowe’s Jackson Healy plays an overweight, angry “muscle-for-hire” who’d rather punch first and ask questions later. The movie’s high level of violence might not be for everyone, but it’s certainly entertaining to see these two A-listers as not-so-lovable losers.

The Heat – In this buddy-cop comedy we have Sandra Bullock as FBI Special Agent Sarah Ashburn. She’s got a reputation for being methodical and smart — and knowing it. Whereas Melissa McCarthy’s Shannon Mullins is short-tempered, sharp-tongued and always follows her gut instincts. There couldn’t be more polar opposites, which means it’s totally crazy when they have to partner together to bring down a Boston drug lord. 

48 Hrs – This 1982 film is responsible for putting the “buddy cop” genre on the map, and it remains one of the most successful movies of its type all these decades later. (It also serves as Eddie Murphy’s big-screen debut, which is kind of wild.) It stars Nick Nolte as Jack Cates, a renegade San Francisco police officer who pulls Reggie Hammond (Murphy) from a federal prison on a 48-hour leave to help him capture Hammond’s old partner, who’s on a killing spree around the city after stealing half a million dollars. If you know anything about Eddie Murphy’s early career, you know this movie is a must-see!

Rush Hour – We’ll end with a 1998 comedy that spawned two sequels (with a fourth recently rumored to be in the works) for its stars: Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker. Chan plays a Hong Kong-based detective who’s brought to Los Angeles to assist the FBI in tracking down a Chinese diplomat’s kidnapped daughter. But soon the FBI blows him off and instead pairs him with a motor-mouthed jokester of a local LAPD detective (Tucker). The two do NOT get along, but they soon start realizing that if they don’t find the missing girl, no one will. 

Who’s your favorite movie odd couple?

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